Incredible Ramadan Transmissions You Should Not Miss In 2016

Incredible Ramadan Transmissions The time has arrived when the most beloved and sacred month for the Muslims come all over the world. Yes, say welcome to the Holy month of Ramadan with a gratitude for its countless blessings and pleasures rewarded by Almighty Allah. The religious rituals associated with Ramazan are being practiced all over the world. But it is not confined to just religious practices, in fact Pakistani media gets all prepared for celebrating the month to the fullest. It is now a trend that every channel brings a ramadan transmission which continue throughout the whole month.

Lets find out what is on your way to not miss in this ramadan!

Pak Ramadan transmission on Geo TV

Pak Ramazan transmission on geo tv

With a legacy being set by Dr. Amir Liaqat in regard with presenting the best ramadan transmission in this holy month, he is once again showing up on Geo TV. He has been very popular as a host as well as a scholar and he is an expert in setting trends when it comes to dealing with his audience. ‘Pak Ramazan’ is set to start on 8th of June and will be ending up till last day of Ramazan. As of previous years, we could find small kids opening their first ever fasts on this show, hundreds of Muslims having Iftar and then getting unlimited prizes.

Noor e Ramazan on Hum TV

noor-e-ramazan on hum tv

Hum TV recalls the charming actor and host of Pakistani drama industry Ahsan Khan for Ramazan transmission ‘ Noor e Ramazan’. The expectations have gone much higher after the promo of the show has been released. The show has been distributed in different segments with religious knowledge and interests.

Subhan Ramazan on Express

subhan ramazan on express

Express entertainment channel is nowhere behind in the race of ramadan transmissions by Pakistani media. It is all set to air the first show on first of Ramazan hosted by Saud Qasmi, a well-known Pakistani artist. The name of the show is quite unique and shows an admiration for the month as it is ‘Subhan Ramazan’.

Ramadan Kareem on Samaa TV

 Ramazan kareem on samaa tv

Syed Bilal Qutab alongwith Sahir Lodhi will be seen hosting the ramadan transmission on Samaa TV. Both the personalities are a gem in their own areas. Syed Bilal Qutab has got a knowledge tank which he is bringing towards you this ramazan and Sahir Lodhi will accompany him with his own talent.

Shan e Ramazan on ARY Digital

shan e Ramadan transmission

ARY digital has got two big names lined up as the host of its ramadan transmission ‘shaan e ramazan’. They are same as of 2015, Junaid Jamshed and Waseem Badami, both the names don’t need any introduction since we know them from last year’s most informative and interesting show on religious rituals of Ramazan.

Ishq Ramazan on TV One

Ishq-Ramazan on TV One

TV one is bringing a popular and loved face back on the screens this ramazan. Yes, she is none other than Maya Khan who is coming with Ishq Ramadan transmission on TV one. As far as her hosting is concerned, she is one of the most experienced and the talented ones in the industry. Her passion and dedication bring a life to her shows and grab the audience’s attention specially her Ramazan special transmission. Lets see what new and interesting she brings this year.

Mohabbat Hai Ramzan on A Plus


Like every other channel is trying to give the best ramazan transmission, A-Plus also appears to come up with an interesting combination of hosts for its Mohabbat hai Ramazan transmission. The show will be hosted by Junaid Iqbal and Abrar ul Haq (Pakistani vocalist). The beautiful OST of the show has been aired recently sung by Nabeel Shaukat Ali.

Jashn e Ramazan on Duniya TV

jashne ramazan on duniya tv

Like every year, this time also Duniya TV is not behind in presenting ramadan transmission by the name of Jashn e Ramazan. The transmission is going to be hosted by Aneeq Ahmed who has been hosting and compering effortlessly for a long time. Anyone can be a part of this show which will start at the first of Ramazan to continue until the last day of the month.

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