Top 10 Richest Freemasons in the World 2020

SEM - Richest Freemasons in the World 2017

SEM - Richest Freemasons in the World 2017

Freemasons are considered to be controlling the whole world’s economy and holding the maximum powers in their hands according to the recent facts and figures. They rule the banks, all financial sectors, help each other and make sure all the power and wealth remain with them. Therefore, today, we have a list of the richest freemasons in the world in 2020.

Let’s have a look at who those big names are!

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Top 10 Entrepreneurs In Singapore In 2018

richest-entrepreneurs-in-singapore-in-2017There is a diverse list of Singaporean magnates and entrepreneurs who confronted up pessimists, disordered their businesses, made brave profession switches, set off inclinations in a countless ways to break through the fences to do what people think is unlikely to happen. Following are the richest and popular top 10 entrepreneurs in Singapore in 2018.

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10 Richest Beggars in 2018 who are in Fact Millionaires

Richest Beggars who are in Fact Millionaires

Richest Beggars who are in Fact MillionairesHow strange it could be for some of you that few beggars are even so rich to be included in the list of Millionaires. It was really shocking for me when I came across the idea of finding all about how much the richest beggars are earning these days and found that many of them are doing better than 40% of the educated people who are trying to get some boost in their earnings from their white collar job.

Obviously begging is not  a profession and something the society really do not approve of, there are people who are making best use of this by utilizing their begging skills to make themselves pretty rich. Moreover, there are several countries which are extremely poor in general, but expecting a beggar to be rich is different story. Many of them own their own houses and even buildings which is a far to think thing for majority of the mediocre living people. Without creating more hype over the matter, let us have a look on the unique list of Richest Beggars who are Millionaires.

UPDATE: This article was updated in 2018 to include latest listing of Top 10 richest beggars in the world.

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Top 10 Best Universities of Europe In 2018

Best universities in europePlanning for your higher studies in Europe yet not sure where to apply? Here comes a solution for you. English speaking universities are no doubt, ruling the world and are bent on dominating it in the long run. European universities, on the other hand, take only 40 percent of the spaces in a grading of about thousands of the best universities worldwide. The top 10 best universities of Europe in 2018 are as followed.

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Top 10 Most Reputed Companies In 2018


top-10-reputed-companiesFor all the job seekers out there, here comes the best list to know about the top listed reputed companies in the world you should try to be a part of. Rolex was able to take number one position on the list of top ten companies in the world this year. All the reputed companies of the world are striving very hard every year to take number one position. They are all improving the quality of their goods and merchandises as the lists are made depending upon the reliability, consistency and advancement of the technologies they provide to their customers. Top ten most reputed companies of the world in the year 2018 are as followed!

UPDATE: This article was updated in 2018 to include latest listing of best companies in 2018 by merit and ranking

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Highest Paid Indian News Anchors In 2018

Highest paid indian news anchorsA news anchor plays a very significant role in our lives. We understand the entire bulletin through him and take his words as the utmost reality. Running a news network is the most viable job as there is same matter with everyone. Fortunately, India has some great news anchors that are sensible, smart and knows how to keep their viewers engaged. The top ten highest paid Indian news anchors of 2018 are as followed.

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Top 15 best Cocktails in the World in 2018

best-coctails-in-the-worldGoing out for partying or dining out keep one thing on the dial for sure, and that is the love for enjoying yummilicious cocktails out there. If you are a cocktail lover and want to check out where does your favorite cocktail stands on the universal listing of best cocktails in 2018, check out the list below!

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America’s Largest Private Companies 2018

largest-private-companies-of-americaWe have been sharing the latest lists of best and top rated companies with our readers every year and here comes a list of 2018 as per the reveals made by forbes. In 2018, about 223 companies have made their way onto Forbes through their hard work and struggle. The companies generate revenue of about 1.62 billion dollars as a whole. The companies have hired about 4.5 million people from all around the world working in different economies. Forbes’s American largest private companies of 2018 have been selected on the basis of their popularity and quality work.

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Ten Best Locations To Celebrate Christmas In 2017

Places to celebtrate christmas in 2014Christmas: the one holiday everyone waits for. It is the best time to get together with loved ones and end the year in a spectacular fashion too.It’s the time to make memories that we cherish all our life.

Although Christmas is a Christian holiday honoring the birth of Jesus Christ, it has evolved into a celebration for the religious as well as secular.Today, Christmas is a time for family and friends to get together and exchange gifts.

Although the notion that “Home is for holidays” stands true yet there are some places which are worth visiting during Christmas and will make your Christmas truly memorable. Ten places are considered to be the best for a Christmas holidays in 2017.

10 Countries That Do Not Celebrate Christmas 2017

Countries where christmas is not celebrated

While jingle bells are ringing all around the world and people are excited to celebrate Christmas festivity the best way they can, there are some countries that for some or other reasons do not celebrate this event. Either these countries are prohibited to celebrate Christmas or there is a religious difference regarding the concept behind celebrating Christmas. it is also a fact that Christmas has become a secular holiday but some of the countries do not find it legitimate to celebrate Christmas for cultural and religious differences.

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10 Places To Celebrate Christmas Nationally In 2017


Christmas is one of the biggest and mega events not only for those belonging to Christianity but all over the world. One can easily feel the difference when December is near. The air and climate fills with a trance of love, affection and happiness. Christians who put a firm belief on the concept that 25th December is the day when Jesus Christ was born and consider him the beloved son of God. If we put a check on countries where Christianity is predominant religion

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TOP 10 Hip-Hop Cash Kings 2017

Hip hop rappers 2016The top hip hop cash kings work day and night to earn the figure they have earned. If you are a music lover and have got interests in the hip hip genre, you really need to check this post out that can be more of an inspiration for you. After an immense amount of research, we’ve gathered the list of top 10 hip hop cash kings in 2017 of the music industry.

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