What is Paribus? How Does it Work?

what is paribus

Paribus is an interesting product from Capital One. The basic concept of Paribus is that the site monitors your purchases, alerts you if the price drops, then sends you a refund for the difference. Sounds like a good deal, right? Anytime your favorite items drop in price, you get a check for the difference. Go here if you’re looking for a Paribus review.

The site was first launched in 2014 by Capital One and is free to use. Founded by Eric Glyman, Paribus has an app for Apple users and a website that works with any basic internet connection.

What is it, Really?

While many stores have price-matching tools available to customers to ensure they’re getting the best price for their items, Paribus works a little differently. By tracking your purchases, Paribus will gather information on the pricing of those items and thereby be able to identify when a better price arises.

When a better price is found, Paribus identifies that price and provides its users with a check for the difference between the two prices. All you need to do is provide Paribus with your shopping information on the items you’ve purchased.

Essentially, Paribus is taking the price match process and eliminating the need for you to file any claims. Remember how frustrating it can be to go back to the store you bought from when you’ve found a better price elsewhere? Paribus eliminates all of the hassle. Think of it as your personal price match system.

How Do I Use It?

If you’re already a little wary about giving up too much personal information, you may not like this next section. Paribus requires access to your personal email address to function. That means unlimited read, delete, and sorting access. When you connect to your email, you’ll be given a prompt that says “Are you sure you want Paribus to do this?” below the “read, send, delete, and manage email” agreement.

Paribus tracks online receipts via your email, which is how it’s able to so easily find price matches for you. Your desire to save money will depend largely on how much personal information access you’re willing to sacrifice to the site.

There is also an option to connect your debit and/or credit cards to Paribus, as well as certain online accounts like Amazon. This gives Paribus unlimited access to not only your email, but also your bank cards, credit information, and Amazon account.

If privacy is a concern for you, Paribus is probably not the right choice. Some feel Paribus is far too invasive just to save a few extra dollars, but the savings potential is definitely rather high when you consider just how much prices can drop during sales or closeouts.

Your payments are sent directly to your bank account as long as you have your debit card linked, so you’ll always receive the refunds quickly and efficiently. If you’d rather not give Paribus access to your bank account, you can opt to have your funds sent to your PayPal account instead.

Why Should I Choose Paribus?

Paribus has received an overall decent rating from its customers, though there have been some complaints that it either doesn’t work or no price matches are ever found. Either way, there are some things to consider before choosing to use the service.

The first consideration is how much you want to save. If you’re a shopaholic and always purchasing new items, this is probably a valuable asset for you since you’ll likely be saving hundreds of dollars on your items.

If you’re not a frequent shopper, the advantage of having Paribus is significantly less since you’re not spending as much money. It all boils down to how much you actually want to save and how much you spend on retail purchases.

The second consideration would be your privacy. Some customers have complained that Paribus is far too intrusive to warrant such benefits. With unlimited access to your email accounts, debit and credit cards, and even online accounts like Amazon, it’s easy to see why some would complain about the lack of privacy with Paribus.

Is My Information Safe?

Paribus is owned and maintained by Capital One, which if you didn’t know, is one of the largest banks in the country. Capital One provides credit and banking services to over 45 million customers in the US. It is among the top ten banks in the country, and security is a prime concern.

The short answer is yes; Capital One will do everything they can to keep your information safe. The long answer is that you’re providing your personal information to a private banking entity, so this should probably carry some level of discretion. Capital One has a decent record for keeping their customers’ information safe, and all banks are required to adhere to certain levels of security in accordance with federal law.


Paribus is a legitimate service that does offer a great way to receive refunds when there is a price drop on your favorite items. The funds are deposited quickly, and the service monitors some of your favorite retailers so you’ll never miss a price match opportunity.

While Paribus is a useful tool, it’s up to you how much information you want to sacrifice in order to obtain these savings. If you’re a frequent shopper, this is probably a great asset to you, though if you only shop every now and then, it may not be right for you.

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