Ten Popular Businesses Afghan People Are Known For

Things Afghan people are known forDespite of the radical elements attached to the country, Afghan people are respected worldwide as they are very hardworking individuals and can easily turn any business into a profit making charisma. We have compiled a detailed list of some amazing businesses Afghan People are known for. There are many notable business afghan people are known for, some of which are as followed!

Basic materials

basic-materials afghan

There are so many companies based in Afghanistan that deals with basic consumer goods such as porcelain and cotton etc. Spinzar is the most leading company of Afghanistan which is also the world’s largest provider of cotton and other goods of daily use.

Consumer goods

consumer-goods of afghanistan

Many dry fruits and other consumer goods are manufactured and grown in Afghanistan such as almonds. Afghan companies such as Abdul Wahidi and Satar Bayee are known internationally for shipping characteristic yellow colored nuts all over the world.


financial business of Afghanistan

There are many local, government and private banks located in different cities of Afghanistan. Most of these banks have international shareholders which aid these banks in operating as a wholesale bank and target the multilateral organizations, embassies, NGOs, domestic companies and foreign military offices.

Construction in Afghanistan


Construction business is why most of the afghan people are known for. There are many companies here who receive construction as well as transport contracts from all over the world and then send afghan people to the decided site to get the contract secured.

Transport business

transport-business in afghanitsan

Afghanistan delivers modest consignment solution as they have a friendly association with all the transport lines working in the area. Since Afghanistan lacks rail movement, they have a wide-ranging array of trucking solutions to fulfill the ground freight supplies.

Media/ Film production

media-production afghanistan

Many afghan film making organizations are in operation and are currently striving to keep their media industry alive after attacks of Taliban. Some of the media related groups of Afghanistan are Afghan Scene (magazine), Ariana TV, Bakhtar News Agency, Khaama Press and Pajhwok Afghan News.



Afghan telecom is one of the most leading telecommunication groups of Afghanistan that offers fixed line, wireless voice and data facilities under a 25-year authorization. Other than this, AWCC, Roshan (Telecom Development Company), MTN Telecom and Watan Group are also operative in the territory.


travel afghan business

Many airlines are currently serving as the national carrier in Afghanistan. Most of the airlines have their base at Kabul International Airport and operates both domestically and internationally. This way afghan people are connected to the lands of China, Iran, Russia, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Import and export


So many companies have merchandises to export to Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, and USA and are capable of importing goods from USA, Afghanistan, Pakistan or China as well. Many companies are also focused on import and export of yard goods, tea, computer electronics and silk business.

Food and beverages


Afghanistan is very famous for producing quality packaged beef and chicken products companies in Afghanistan can produce, trademark and tag these products as per the requirements and transport the same to in a money-making value-added wrapping.

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