Google Play Takes Over the Android Market – Breaking News – For Android Users

Google play storeWith the increasing popularity of Android, Google has made a smart move by launching Google Play where Android users can easily download and buy applications for their smart phones. Although users were been facilitated with Android Market previously too but as Google believes in Brands, a more generic name is given to it and is replaced by Play shop.

What’s new about Google Play?

Changes become obvious gradually but for the time being, we can see that this transformation from Android Market to a PLAY Shop, a very little change has been experienced by the Android Users, one of them is the new icon, which is now changed to play store. Another significant difference that is obvious is the division of videos tabs (that were used in hiding the film rentals) and the bookshop in to separate sections, giving it a systematic look. Like all other smart moves, Google has been keen enough to make it sure that all your old content is still preserved under a new logo.

google play

Google Play Music

As a sudden change, there are some countries where the music Services of play shop aren’t fully working but countries like America are enjoying it to fullest by buying, uploading, etc.

Google Play app

Considering the Nokia Ovi Store probably, Google has also worked on it Google Play applications, providing an “All” tab within your downloaded apps page, where all your downloaded applications are visible.

Reviews were never this systematic before as now! Now you can filter the reviews where you can see only the feedbacks of owners of the same phone as yours.

 Google play applications

Google Play Synchronization

Data loss due to any reason, results in losing all you personalized stuff that usually brings you an ultimate frustration. Google says this new system must guarantee “your favourite music, books, movies, apps, and games are all in one place that’s accessible from the Web and any Android device”.

With the cloud based nature, Google actually makes it easy for you to buy a book on your phone and read it on the web-based Play Store or rent a movie through the site and have it sent to your phone.

The website

If you visit the site, you will notice that Google has simply removed a label of specifically being an “Android shop” which was once placed while it was known as Android Market, now Google Play is for all. The books, the videos and the music are perfectly functional on your desktops as well.

This was all about Google Play, lets hope for some much better changes that Google brings in the Play Store as well,

Fingers Crossed,

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