10 Best Universities of Afghanistan in 2017

10-best-universities-of-afghanistan-in-2017The first thought, when it comes to Afghanistan, is the view of an underdeveloped country with a high rate of terrorism and a bulk of extremists. However, if you really get into the facts of the myths known, you will find an absolutely amazing side of Afghanistan. The people are good humored and welcoming, the malls are highly impressive and so are the universities and education in the country.

There are many private and public universities located in Afghanistan, all of which are playing their roles the best to make education more established in their domains. The top ten best universities of Afghanistan are as followed!

Kabul University

kabul-university afghanistan

It is the most leading and ancient university in Afghanistan and was established in 1931, throughout the sovereignty of Mohammed Nadir Shah. After which it opened its gates to undergraduates from across the state. It advanced from corporations with the administrations of Germany, France, and Russia.

Bost University

bost-university  afghanistan

Bost is a sequestered, non-sectarian organization of higher education established by Ahmad Jan Popal. Bost University Gives two to six year apprentice degrees and credentials. Four to six year learner programs are in the fields of medicine, business, law, finances and computer science.

American University Of Afghanistan


It is Afghanistan’s primary private foundation of higher education which is not for the generation of profit. Leased in 2004, this institution bids an MBA program, four apprentice gradation programs, and permanent education and qualified development teachings.

Kabul Medical University


This university is located on the grounds of Kabul University. At present, Kabul medical university graduates specialists in arenas of Therapeutic medication, pediatrics, stomatology and study of dental surgery. All programs here are communicated in Persian but most medicinal terms are in English.

Herat university

herat-university afghanistan

Herat University is a public organization of education, and was initiated with a department of literature and humanities only. The campus has 14 different departments and 45 subdivisions. The general field of education is pedagogics and about one-third of the campus’s 10,500 undergraduates are females.

Kateb Institute Of Higher Education


Kateb University is a revolutionary private organization in the field of teaching in Afghanistan.  About 130 permanent and job-sharing teachers work at the University. In harmony with the Ministry of Higher Education, instructors with PhD and Masters’ gradations only are allowed to teach at the campus.

Kardan University

kardan-university afghanistan

Kardan University teaches courses in the disciplines of information technology, management sciences, social sciences and engineering at the advance level, and business management and international relations at the master’s level. Kardan University has two main university grounds in Kabul city.

Nangarhar University


It is a government sponsored higher learning establishment in Jalalabad. It is the second biggest academia in Afghanistan. It has 13 collages and 15,385 undergraduates. Presently, it has faculties in agricultural science, business, medicine, religious studies, pedagogics and veterinary medicine.

Polytechnical University Of Kabul


The university campus encompasses seminar rooms, research laboratories, reference library, residence, place for lecturers, lunchroom with capacity of 1000 people, mosque with capacity of 500 people, gaming facility, symposium room with capacity of 1000 people, studio and leisure room.

Paktia University

paktia-university afghanistan

The Paktia University association has a registration of about 5,000 students with an overriding number of male undergraduates. It comprises of two faculties in arenas of agricultural science and education, health, law and civil science, engineering, finance. There are about 145 professors in the university.

Quite an inspiration for people who did not know how Talented Afghanistan can be!

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