How Soraya Darabi of Iran Made Zady So Successful?

what-made-sahar-hashemi-so-rich-in-iranIt can be really interesting to many of you to know how females are contributing alot over the world in taking the world a head in terms of economical growth and business widespread. We have been discussing some of the most powerful women all over the world who are recognized for their wonderful work in business domain and here comes another one on our list. Soraya Darabi is yet another marvelous lady having her origins from Iran who is all known for her business! Let us check out a bit more  in detail about Soraya Darabi, here!

Who is Soraya Darabi?

Soraya Darabi is a very well-known name in the world of starting a business and taking it a head of huge successes. She is the co-creator of Zady which is a job-driven business trademark. Zady produces and retails chic, eternal, sustainably fashioned clothing to its customers.


Soraya started her profession on the designation of Manager of Digital Partnerships and Social Media at The New York Times, where she had her extremities on today’s ever-moving digital settings. While she was working there, she was positioned as the international news lead on social webs such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, affiliated with large and small startups, and made award winning promotions.

How Soraya Darabi of Iran made Zady so successful?


Taking hold of the prospect to winner conscious consumerism in a domain where fast styling methods rules, Soraya and Maxine became the woman dynamo behind the brand Zady. Debuting on August 27, Zady is a leading online destination of the world that retails perfectly manufactured goods, but is also devising new ethics for viable design and fabrication.

Zady –  A result of Hard work and Determination

Soraya worked very hard to bring the name of Zady where it is today and when asked she exposed a few points that she thinks are behind all of her success. She had a very resilient visualization and knew how to link its understanding to the world of fashion. She believed that a corporate is a game changer and it is no doubt everything the marketplace wants and so she was very buoyant and confident in herself and her entire team. She kept working, practicing, performing her pitch in front of helpers, in front of the looking glass, recorded herself and played it back so she knew what to mend. Her main aim was to memorize her key marketing opinions so she can avoid them from disturbing and disempowering her.


Maxine and Soraya also say that VC companies are normally risk disinclined so one should be prepared with why their project is an appealing asset. For them Zady is a product born online with cardinal shrewdness and exclusive product submissions. They have the most durable squad possible to implement on the job they have boarded on. Many of their stockholders strongly think that they have united the domain of flair and organic merchandises, with a digital support. Zady is at the vanguard of a sensible consumerism program which is redefining the image of shopping. It is bringing style back to the time when pieces of clothing were made by real artistes who employed first-class textiles with the purpose of creating dresses that would endure time, terms, and inclinations.

Future strategies


In the future, Zady will aid as a substitute for those looking for eternal style with an aware imprint of approval. Morals will no longer be interrogated, but rather, the skill and course will be held main, nurturing a new reverence for the business. Soraya and Maxine both are flooring the road very well for young and new female businesswomen and entrepreneurs and organizing the self-assurance to raise the wealth required to endow female led ventures.

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