Top 10 Highest Paid Morning Show Hosts

highest-paid-morning-show-hostsPakistan is full of talented people that brighten your day everyday through their morning shows. The shows are extremely useful for everyone as they share tips, stories and make you smile in the best way possible. The Pakistani morning show hosts are extremely talented.

Listed below are 10 of the best Morning show hosts of Pakistan!

Nida Yasir

Nida yasir

Nida Yasir is the morning show host of “Good Morning Pakistan” aired Monday to Friday only on “Ary Digital”. The women is an extremely talented person making efforts to bring smile on people throughout Pakistan especially women. Her goal is to solve issues of women and develop the strength and courage that they lack in life. She gets paid 2.5 million a month.

Sanam Baloch

Sanam baloch

Sanam Baloch has been the star of the Ary News for many years. The lady tries her best to brighten everyone’s morning through her energy. It is extremely necessary to look fresh during a morning show and the host of ‘Good Morning Pakistan” is well aware of that.

Sanam Jung


Sanam jung is the morning show host of “Jago Pakistan Jago”, aired on HUM tv. Every morning she tries her best to share recipes, helpful quotes, useful tips and stories for the betterment of people throughout Pakistan.

Dr Amir Liaqat Hussain


Our very own Dr Aamir liaqat Husssain earns about 4.5 million each month. The show he hosts is called “Subh-e-Pakistan”. Each Morning he preaches people all around Pakistan to make a little effort if they want to live a happy life. The goal is to start everyone’s day with positive vibes.

Faysal Qureshi


Faysal Qureshi is the host of the morning show “Muskurati Morning”. He is one of the top paid hosts of Pakistan. The guy is extremely talented and the morning show brings smile on everyone’s face. People, not just in Pakistan, but all around the world enjoy his show and love watching it.

Sahir Lodhi


Sahir Lodhi is the star of the show “Morning with Sahir”. The show is aired from Monday to Friday on A plus TV. He gets paid 2million rupees for his morning talks with the nation of Pakistan. He adds humor to people’s mornings and shares tips and tricks of living life in a different way.

Sana Amjad


Sana Amjad is the star of the show “Salam Pakistan” that is aired from Monday to Friday on Waqt News. The show is really famous around the world. There are many uses of watching the show and the host make million each month just through her morning show. She is categorized as one of the top paid morning show host of Pakistan.

Nusrat Haris


The morning show host Nusrat Haris earns so much through hosting. He is the host of the morning show “Aaj subh” that is aired from Monday to Thursday on Aaj tv.

Dr Rafia Rafiq

Morning delight is the famous show through which the morning show host Dr Rafia Rafiq delivers her messages each morning. The show is a big success and helps Rafia earn a lot through her performance.

Faheem Abbas


The famous Faheem Abbas earn millions through his show “Ab tak-the News Café”. His show is becoming a big success each day and it is loved by everyone that watches it. A lot of people throughout the world love it.

The above mentioned morning show hosts earn millions through their work. They spread positivity and awareness and gets paid for it. All for now. Share which morning show you watch and share your views about it.

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