Top Farmville Tips and Tricks – 2012!

FarmVilleFarmville is one of the most popular Facebook game with millions of active online users. If you ask me, it’s a very addictive game, and once I start playing, I come back every day (which is why I can’t risk starting it again :P). But in the time I’ve played the game, I have learned many things, tips mostly, which I will share today. By applying them, you can become a successful farmer as well!

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How to Submit Your Sitemap to Google in 2012?

SitemapAny website owner’s main concern is getting his site recognized by major search engines. For beginners, it’s a common question; How to get your site listed on Google? Well, that is where a sitemap comes in. Earlier, we talked about how Google XML Sitemaps plugin for WordPress can create a sitemap for you. It is available for other blogging platforms as well like Blogger etc. Well today, we will talk about what to do with the sitemap you have somehow created

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5 Best Tips to Advertise your Website with Offline Marketing and Enjoy Huge Traffic – 2012

offline marketingAn online business does not mean that all your marketing strategies are just limited to the online world. It’s certainly bigger than that. When you decide to start your e-business, you are actually deciding to opt for something really challenging where you have to focus on online – as well as the offline market to survive. Promoting your website offline is just as important as an online marketing campaign. There are possibilities that your potential customers might not be too frequent users of the internet, exploring much about your niche. How to spread the word to them? Offline Marketing is the only Solution.

You need to understand that the URL of your Company (your website/ Blog – I will refer it as your company) is the key feature that needs to be in the limelight, followed by your Niche. The more exposure your URL receives the more traffic you will send to your website.

However, it’s a pity that many professional bloggers, sometimes lack in offline marketing of their sites. It’s important to identify the importance that an offline promotion of your website holds.

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5 ways to Improve your Online Job Search and Cash your Talent – 2012

online jobTime has changed and so has the job searching strategies. Now, online job search portals have made the life pretty easier for people around the globe. All what’s required, is a powerful Resume and some techniques that we will share in this Post. It’s important to state that there is no rocket science or any magic behind these job portals that automatically brings job proposals for you. There are still many people who have almost submitted their resumes on all such websites, still are unable to find one of their interests.

As I said earlier, you have to use some tactics to make yourself effective enough to gain some limelight among the thousands of your competitors striving for the same job. What make you different from others are the ingredients that you offer in your resumes. Here are some best tips that can surely bring you jobs of your demand and wish.

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5 Tips to promote your e- sales with an Influential Business Card!

business CardA clever approach to market your e- business to get a good traffic, you need to work on its promotion in the physical world too. The traces of your existence in the real world makes people believe in your separate entity to let people know about yourself and assure that they remember about you, integrate customized business cards into your professional and personal marketing efforts to avail the guaranteed success via every possible mean.

Here, we will discuss some great techniques to make your Business Card an effective one. I have seen business cards of big people with nothing attractive in it, so if you plan to run a business, you really need to know the following tactics that you should consider:

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Biggest AdSense Mistakes Most Bloggers Make, And How To Avoid Them!

Google AdSense mistakesAs all of you might know, Google AdSense is the largest ad network on the internet, and is the primary source of income for many bloggers out there. There are, however, many others who are either unsuccessful at getting approved, or they simply fail to utilize the full potential of AdSense. In most of the cases, such bloggers are making some very basic mistakes. Today, we will discuss some most common mistakes, and how you can avoid them.

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How Jews Made it Possible to Become Richest Community of the World- Secret Revealed!

jewsWe have been discussing about richest people, richest rappers and lots of successful people of the world, but now let’s talk about a race, that exists in minority but is one of the richest one in the world – the Jews! It might turn out as a surprise for some people that even being small in number, Jews know the X-Factor of making Money.

Jews are members of one of the oldest religions. The line between being a “member” of the religion and being of the Jewish “race” seems to be difficult even for Jews to define, however most Jews consider Judaism a religion, rather than a race.

Here I present, after having a long research on the topic, the key features or rather the key principles that has enabled Jews all around the world to become rich.

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How To Download and Install Windows 8?

Windows 8 - Touch The Future!February 29, aka leap day, is more a numerical oddity than your average day. So Microsoft decided to make the day more special by throwing a party and releasing the Consumer Preview of its latest flagship OS, the Windows 8! This is the first public beta version, and already, we have seen a radical departure from any other Windows we’ve ever used (and we’ve used many of them). The Consumer Preview has come a long way since the Developer Preview last year. Read on to get an idea of what to expect, and find out how you can download and install this latest model of Windows!

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How To Do Creative Writing To Make Money Online?

learn to earn

Recently in one of my interviews, I was asked about the difference between Article Writing (and Blogging) and content- Based Writing (writing for websites or companies) and my answer to them was “difference of Creativity”. Although both brings you wealth (m a living example for this), but both of them are entirely two different species. Many of my friends and readers think that anyone who can speak English, and can write it flawlessly, can make money with this art. Let me assure you, that this is truly a false notion!

A Good writer must know how to split these two worlds completely and should not mix them in anyway. The more you handle them separately, the more you can earn, enhancing your expertise in both of the fields.

Now it’s time to help you in bringing out your creativity! Always consider the following points while writing anything online to make money!

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Make More Money From Farmville – 2012 Latest Tips!

earn money on farmvilleEver played Farmville on Facebook? It is considered one of the best Games available on Facebook. Millions have played it (including me :P), and I must say, it’s a nice and quite addictive game. In farmville, you get a small plot of land on which you can plant crops. First, plow some land to it can be used. Buy any seeds that you want to, considering their cost, harvest profit, and time taken to ripen. Return after the set time, and harvest the result! And get farmville coins for each harvest! Simple, and fun!

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Adsense For Domains Retiring! What is Domain Parking Provider?

Adsense domians retiring parked domainsThis news must be a little shocking for those who are generating sufficient revenue from Adsense Ads displayed on their undeveloped naked domains. Adsense for domains which is a Google product that offered web masters to monetize hosted domains by displaying Domain specific Ads on their empty sites is soon going to retire and end by April 18 2012.  From now onwards undeveloped domains will be served through Google’s existing AdSense for Domains distribution network only. Following are some important Deadlines that you must note:

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