How Michelle Phan Earned from Youtube?

How michelle phan earned with youtubeMichelle Phan, who originally is an Honorary Doctorate of Arts degree, has become a popular YouTube personality. Michelle, in fact, is considered the queen of YouTube. Recently, Michelle has travelled with the First Lady, Michelle Obama to help promote the program ‘let girls learn’. Isn’t this cool? But who is Michelle Phan and how all of a sudden, she became so POPULAR? Well, Michele is like a prettiness guru, who is best known for her makeup demos, who initially started on YouTube by uploading her first video back in May 2007. This video was called ‘natural looking makeup tutorial’ and was found to have 11 million views. But this wasn’t her biggest shot, she later uploaded the video called ‘Barbie transformation tutorial’. This was her biggest hit, and got viral within no time. It had 59 million views. WOW! This video turned Michelle into a Superstar.

Initially, it was a simple pastime activity to upload videos for fun, but people like Michelle Phan took it to a whole new level, and showed how this activity can be converted into a serious profession.

Why different?

michelle phan makeup tutorial

Michelle Phan’s makeup tutorials has a variety of range, from a day-casual look to a glamorous-party look, Michelle has managed to explain it all to the audience. Michelle’s way of communication is what brings her fans close to her. The best thing about her videos are that they are practical, easy to understand, serious and hilarious both at the same time and really catchy. Furthermore, for her fans, Michelle has also started ‘Ask Mish’ series, in which fans can share secrets/ stories and can seek advices. Michelle positively conveys her message, she says that makeup is a weapon to indicate who you truly are from the inside.

Why on YouTube?

Michelle Phan, who started her channel few years ago has now more than eight million subscribers. She realized in the very beginning that if YouTube is going to be the upcoming of the worldwide television, then she surely need to build her brand on YouTube. And from here, when she uploaded the video, more than 40,000 people watched it and gave her the feedback. She is what made her a prominent feature of YouTube.

Down to Business

Michael makes money with youtube

Michelle cares about her fans, and weekly uploads video on her private channel. Besides being a YouTube rock star, she works on projects as well. Back in 2010, she was the official makeup artist of Lancôme and not only that, she launched her own service under the name Ipsy. Ipsy was valued at $500 million. In 2013, in collaboration with L’Oreal, she declared Em by Michelle Phan, her very own cosmetic line. She even published a book, in January 2014, called ‘makeup: your life guide to beauty style and success Online and off’.

Awards Michelle Phan received

Michelle Phan, in addition to all the love that she got from her fans, has been nominated in various categories, and she is known to win 2 awards as well; the ‘Streamy Award for Inspiration Icon Award’ and the ‘Shorty Award for best YouTube Guru’.

Earning from youtube

In 2015, Michelle Phan has been included in the list of YouTube highest earning stars, and Michelle’s name is placed at number seven with an estimated earnings of $3 million.

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