Facebook To End On July 15th, 2012 – A Rumor Or A Reality?

facebook comes to an endFacebook has always managed to be in some controversy in all times and one of the most frequent ones is about Facebook Ending This Year. The same news or rather a rumor spread last year too proclaiming Zuckerberg is shutting down Facebook on march 15, 2011. However, the news that shook the hearts of many Facebook users turned out to be a rumor.

Now that, this year 2012, which was already overloaded with superstitions, rumors and controversies, Ending Facebook in July 15th, is cherry on the top.


PALO ALTO, CA –Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be shut down in July of 2012. Managing the site has become too stressful.

Zuckerberg, at his Palo Alto office, has reported to have said:

“Facebook has gotten out of control, and the stress of managing this company has ruined my life. I need to put an end to all the madness.”

However, it is hard to believe that a social media like Facebook, having the Maximum number of users consistently; doing a great business up to 18 Billion, will be just packed up due to some personal views of the owner.

The news has gone too far that some sites have been talking about the rumor on serious note. In addition to the above mentioned press release, Avrat Humarthi, who is working as a Vice President of Technical Affairs at Facebook has been reported to have said that Facebook is going to shut down this July 15th and she have also recommended the users to create a back up of their photos and videos that are only uploaded at Facebook as after the date mentioned, no one will be able to access his account, and all the personal data will be permanently erased

The issue is one of the major hot topics on different Forums and rumors have been spread that Zuckerberg has said:

“I personally don’t think it’s a big deal,” he said in a private phone interview. “And to be honest, I think it’s for the better. Without Facebook, people will have to go outside and make real friends. That’s always a good thing.”

And that

“I don’t care about the money; I just want my old life back.”

Now the second statement has even made me believe that it’s more like a rumor. Zuckerberg is one of the richest Jews and we have discussed in detail that Jew Community can be considered as the Master of money making.

facebook-addictThe news has hit the Facebook Addicted users that are really huge in number with shock. The users are upset thinking that their social networking will also come to an end with Facebook. Users with moderate addiction are talking about the replacement of Facebook, which will take over the market after it.

However, there is one category which loves the rumor by now and is praying that the rumors turns out to be News soon. And that is the Parents. Being genuinely upset from the excessive use as well as the misuse of this social media of their children, the news was not less than a source of bliss for them.

However, no official news has been appeared on screen by now and the world is still confused about their Facebook Profile future. Looking forward to some authentic press release with Zuckerberg’s statement, Facebook users have kept their fingers crossed. At this point, it is hard to decide whether it is a rumor or a shock for the people all around the globe.

world without fv

Share your views, imagining how it will affect you if your Facebook deactivates you this time!


60 thoughts on “Facebook To End On July 15th, 2012 – A Rumor Or A Reality?”

    • what if facebook ends by the end of july., what will you do ???? guys, share your views .., will you again shift back to orkut ?? or will you wait again for another famous social networking site be launched ?? 😛

      • well, as a matter of fact, accepting any other social media in place of facebook love, is quite a difficult thing at first place. but as life goes on, i think myspace is a good replica of FAcebook

  1. Nice article as always, but that’s not really going to happen lol. Zuckerberg must be drunked or something when he said that, and I believe world can end this year but not FB.

  2. This reminds me of a message sent in March 2012 to Mark Zuckerberg talking about rumors spreading around ~
    Wow, so many people have talk about this, hopefully it would not be true.
    Or else, we are like fishes not only without water…but also “hard found” friend contacts 🙁

    • last year, ppl took it quite seriously, different blogs talked about it, this year, although the news is pretty same, but most of the people are taking it a rumor.

  3. What people are going to do,living without facebook its like to live in the world without air to breath.

  4. if FB will really end on July this 2012, im gon’ save all my photos =) Haha. but maybeee, its just a rumor ! 😀

  5. Well, if it is true, then that would be a rediculous thing to do.
    First of all, Facebook connects people who don’t live near each other, whether it be because they moved, have relatives far away, or met someone friendly on a trip. Taking away Facebook would destroy that connection. I suppose that they could use another form of communication, like Twitter or regular email, but Facebook is highly effective.
    Secondly, Facebook would help his life more than ruin it. YOU WOULD BE FAMOUS. Not to mention pretty rich, right? You would have to tear away jobs from a lot of people. Facebook could be its own economy, for that matter.
    Lastly, didn’t the same quotes show up in the panic blogs from last year?
    Thanks for posting this.

    • well you can always go back to Tagged or Myspace! lol. I remember when Myspace was the thing to be on but I had a bolt account before they revamped and shut down too.

      • I guess that’s true, but really. I’m just hoping it doesn’t happen.
        Although, Facebook is wanting to work less and less. I think it might just be my computer.

  6. Facebook would never be shut down. Its a rumor. If Mark Zuckerberg wanted his life back im sure he would just sell facebook as its billions and would keep everyone happy

  7. if it would be ending i”ll be the happiest soul on the earth so many peoples waste their time on fb including me

  8. i seriously oppose this!!!!!i dont want facebook to end plzzzzzzzz!!!facebook is my gr8 company tho i waste much tym in here i stay da whole nyt awake ……med new frendzz!n had fun alooooooot!!!!!

  9. I really hope they don’t shut down facebook it is the only way i am able to see what is going on with family members that are living far away I enjoy being able to go to there facebook and see pictures of them and their children.

  10. I actually hope it does shut down. World without facebook would be greak. I honestly think all social networks should be shut down COMPLETELY! Its like the world relies on facebook. I am pretty sure that Zuckerburg would have a better life without facebook. He wouldnt have to manage a world wide business. But if you guys don’t want it shut down sooo bad. Then maybe he should get a new manager of the whole business. Also, facebook was originally a social networking site for people to interact with each other in harvard. Then it was expanded to other Boston Colleges. And now facebook has over 900,000,000 active users. The world has become LAZY! PLEASE SHUTDOWN FACEBOOK!!!

  11. I Don’t think that’s fair at all I know Mark wants his life back and all that but yea what about us meeting friends is great but some people,work,or don’t have time and how do we keep In contact with old friends who either live far away that we’ve grown up with and it’s like we lose that connection we use face book to find old friends and catchup on old times and if you take away that then well ..we lose are childhood cause some people grow apart or change schools and you never see them again and they dont have phones either so you lose and sorce of contact with them and you won’t be able to communicate with family who live fair away or anything we’d be kinda lost …youll miss your friends and everyone and you can only hope on day when your like really older you’ll see them again that’s why we need Facebook cause with out it how are we ganna stay close with family and old friends

  12. Its Stupid I mean now he is thinking off shutting it down it makes no scene he is rich enough if he does then he will lose a lot of money i hope its just a rumor i hope its not real cause i still want to be on facebook its just dumb

  13. yea, right… and if it shut down, so what. There’s more to life than facebook. No offense Mr. Zuckerburg. You did good as a youngster!!!!!

  14. People with no lives will commit suicide…they cant do this just automatically shut fb down 🙁 how am i supossed to contact my cousins and aunts and uncles from russia :'(

  15. He worked incredibly hard to get this site where its at… Why would he shut it down? he is always able to keep rumours about facebook going on, but is this actually true. He is taking away some peoples only way of communication.

    • I can some really interesting conversation going on here 🙂
      well yeah, as it is evident, the news was a rumour for sure! But imagine what a turn lives would have taken if it was Facebook’s last day tomorrow 🙂

  16. If people are tired of fb they have the option of not going on. So if you’re complaining about it don’t log on it’s as simple as that. It has brought me way closer to my friends and family who live far away from me and I hope and want to beleive this is just a rumor.

  17. Sorry guys, but the news is true. I can’t handle all the stress anymore. Facebook is going down rather you like it or not. Start collecting phone numbers & emails before tomorrow. It was a great journey but it must end.

    “Not all good things last forever.”

  18. If fb has become “to stressfull to manage” then he should just sell fb?.?. like he said he doesn’t care about the money.. so this way he can have his “old life back” and people can have the one they love now.

  19. OMG THIS IS FAKE!! what stress does he hae? also these are qutoes from a place that gives out fake info!! also he just gives out money while earnign it!

    ALSO WHERES A VIDEO SHOWIGN THAT HE SAID IT!?!? all ive seen so far are shitty pictures!

  20. Facebook is a top social networking site and it will helps to share your thoughts and facts with others.I strongly believe it is Its a pure rumor.

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