How Facebook identifies Authentic and Fake Accounts?

Facebook Authentic and Fake AccountsIf you are an addictive Facebook user or love to follow your favorite celebrities, brands and communities, then what might always have bothered you is to find an official fan page of the said category. Facebook Fan Pages have given a real boost to this social networking site where almost every 2 of the users out of 10 are managing a fan page of their own, making it difficult for the users to identify the original fan page out of many available on this social media.

Countering this issue, Facebook has come up with a new strategy that helps users identify the authentic accounts to avoid being a victim of fake fan pages.

Why to identify an authentic page?

The answer lies within the question. Although Facebook is more like an open platform, giving all users equal rights to create, run and maintain their fan pages and brand pages , the medium is also been used by the celebrities, industries and brands to promote their work, share the latest news and crack all the news.

 unverified facebook fanpages

If you have been working as a writer or have been keeping a track of entertainment news through social media fan pages, you must be knowing how difficult it is to get a hold of a genuine page. Say, for example, if you are searching for a celebrity’s official fan page, you will find at least a hundreds of fan pages of his name that are been administered by different people. Now this is seriously a difficult part of choosing the most relevant one out of many options available. All you do then is to check the number of followers and go with the fan page that has the maximum number of followers, but probably wont be an actual page run by the celebrity himself.

Thanks to Facebook, your decisions will be more deterministic now!

Identify Authentic and Fake accounts

Considering this issue to be a serious issue at the end of celebrities and brands, Facebook has now announced its new service few hours back that will differentiate between the authentic Facebook fan pages and the fake accounts been created by fans so that the users in search of an authentic page find what they are looking for without any having any hassle in doing so.

Now you will see a blue indicator with a tick mark in it in front of all the official and authentic pages, distinguishing them from other similar pages.

For example, try searching for Selena Gomez on your Facebook page and you will see a blue indicator showing its authenticity  among all other search results in the drop down box.

facebook verified official fan page

Once you get to know which is the right place to land on, all you need to do is to click on it and you will find yourself on an authentic page. You will also see the same indicator on that page, stating that it is a verified account, like this;

facebook verified page

This update, although a small one, is something that will really help in making the use of Facebook easier for the people. The existing Fan pages can however not make themselves as an authentic page now and the existing pages are declared authentic on the basis of number of subscribers.


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