10 Richest Beggars in 2018 who are in Fact Millionaires

Richest Beggars who are in Fact MillionairesHow strange it could be for some of you that few beggars are even so rich to be included in the list of Millionaires. It was really shocking for me when I came across the idea of finding all about how much the richest beggars are earning these days and found that many of them are doing better than 40% of the educated people who are trying to get some boost in their earnings from their white collar job.

Obviously begging is not  a profession and something the society really do not approve of, there are people who are making best use of this by utilizing their begging skills to make themselves pretty rich. Moreover, there are several countries which are extremely poor in general, but expecting a beggar to be rich is different story. Many of them own their own houses and even buildings which is a far to think thing for majority of the mediocre living people. Without creating more hype over the matter, let us have a look on the unique list of Richest Beggars who are Millionaires.

UPDATE: This article was updated in 2018 to include latest listing of Top 10 richest beggars in the world.

1. Ted Williams – One of the Richest Beggars

Ted William Richest beggar

The US Based beggar Ted Williams was extremely poor and used to get his livings earned by begging on the roads of Ohio. Ted had the talent of singing but was all unnoticed till a reporter noticed his singing skills and made video and uploaded on YouTube. The video went viral overnight, making him huge famous. The life turned for him and now he is one of the millionaires.

2. Rongfeng

richest beggar

The second on our list is Rongfeng. He was extremely poor initially and used to sleep on the streets till he met a lady on her Noodle shop. She helped him with money to afford food and fares. Gradually he started up his own business and is so rich now that he repaid the lady with $163,000 USD as a thanks.

3. Simon Wright

Wright Simon Beggar

Interestingly, Simon Wright from ASBO is another beggar who was banned from Begging but is living a luxurious life as he earns £50,000 a year from strangers’ donations and lives in £300,000 Fulham flat. Impressive!

4. Eisha

Eisha Richest Beggar

Eisha was 100-year-old woman who died sometime back. After her death, when her property was revealed, it was found that she left a million-dollar asset behind. It was also found that she owned four buildings and had jewels and gold coins making a total of just over $1 million.

5. Bharat Jain

Bharat Jain

Another respectful Beggar we have on the list is Bharat Jain. He is a resident of India and owns two 1 BHK apartment in Patel Nagar worth 80 Lakhs. He also owns a shop which is on a monthly rent of Rs 10,000. Jain earns 75000 INR per month in Mumbai.

6. Krishna Kumar Gite

Krishna Kumar Gite from India is way too rich to be called a beggar as he owns a flat at Nallasopara and also earns around Rs. 2000/- a day which is more than the salary of few educated people in India.

7. Sambhaji Kale


It is interesting to see that even the beggars have done something for their shelter and have invested the earned money wisely. Sambhaji is another beggar from India with a flat in Virar, two houses and a piece of land in Solapur. He earns around a thousand bucks a day.

8. Sarvatia Devi

Sarvatia Devi from India also have a comfortable apartment near Ashok Cinemas in Patna. She is better in terms of living, from many Indians as she is able to pay She even pays Rs. 36,000 annually as an insurance premium.

9. Corey

Another motivation for many people who think they cannot do anything in life, is Corey. He was a beggar but then started working for himself and now delivers newspapers daily on streets. As per the reports he earned up to $100 a day.

10. Unnamed Beggar from India

The last we have on our list, is an unidentified beggar from India whose name is not disclosed but as per the news last year. He is a Dead Beggar from India had many accounts in different banks and all these accounts had money. The total acuity of this beggar made a total of Two Million Indian Rupees which is obviously too much to be expected from a beggar.

So that was all, it is really inspiring that there are some richest beggars who are spending a better life as compared to many graduates and people on job. Please share your views and also mention some similar examples from your surroundings.

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  1. Nida! How a beggar can be a millionaire. This is really weird, i am listening first time but nice information and the people you mentioned really looks like richest people on this planet.


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