Why Graduation and Several Internships still not enough for a Job?

Graduation and Several Internships still not enough for a JobAs the time is passing by, earning to meet up livings is becoming extremely difficult each day. Whether you are an engineering Student like me, or studying medicine, your future is still as insecure as of an undergraduate. It was due to this trend that people started moving towards establishing their own businesses few years back, but now, even that is not possible merely because of the fact that about 50% of the total job seeking people do not own a wealth enough to invest in a personal business. After examining the current job uncertainties, we have been influencing people to shift towards the idea of entrepreneurship. Although it has been discussed in detail, the phenomenon of being your own boss is still more like a question for people of thoughts.

It’s important to recognize the bitter reality that only getting into a professional degree University and striving to achieve internships to increase your Resume’s word count is not what you dreamt about. However, whenever the topic starts, it turns in to a debate. So here is a dedicated Article which will clear the misconceptions you might have about the reality of your degree’s worth and secondly, It might help you out in realizing the realities of the current market status so that you can start working to secure your future, before it becomes too late.

Overly populated World- saturated employment opportunities

The world is getting over-populated each day and the market situation is suffering too at its end. If you see around, there are thousands of Universities in every country, each producing a huge lot of graduates every year, whereas, there is no real boost in the job opportunities, enough to provide a job, worth doing to these graduates. Now, the point here is, students invest millions to get a degree of their wish to cash it after graduation, but according to the latest survey, 40% of the fresh graduates find their jobs unsatisfactory, where as 20% of them stay unemployed.

Change in the Job Criteria

The world has have been a subject of significant change lately. The principles that we inherited from our fore-fathers have now become obsolete. To make it clearer, have a flashback of the old promises that your elders made to you in your childhood, telling you their experiences of working hard in school and getting the reward in terms of a good job after completing your studies. If you were lucky enough to get an admission in a renowned university, a guaranteed Job with a large salary coming each month was also what you were sure about. Moreover, the companies used to hire their interns permanently usually after their internships, but now the entire old trend has been changed due to the global market competition.

If you agree with these facts that are quite obvious, you need to understand that the students have no way out to enhance their career opportunities but to stand up for themselves in order to make their future secure.

Experience over powers – the degree

That was valid till few years back when you could earn your livings by cashing your degree and Institute name, now the corporate world has become a miser one. The companies believe in getting their work done effectively. Although there are still some criteria to meet, majority of the employers give priority to those potential employees who have got the expertise on their work, rather than having a degree of the best university but not knowing the fundamentals of that field. Search around you for examples to understand the issue here. There are plenty of programmers, who have done one or two language courses and are earning much better than a genuine Computer System Engineer, just because they have the command on their work. They do not depend upon any certificate or degree but are ruling on the basis of their own capabilities. The corporate sector has no urge to hire such employees, who have a degree but no skills.

The real Market picture is horrible at the moment. The college and university students, who are just studying to get good grades in examinations only and not focusing in getting a command in their field, are thinking wrong that they would get best jobs after their graduation. Good grades without skills can get them internships, but no internships can bring those jobs of their demand.

Need of becoming an entrepreneur!

Thanks to the online many making niche, Students are starting to switch to entrepreneurship from an early teenage. The graduates who have some experience of working as an entrepreneur in their niche are given high priority by the smart employers who are aware of the fact that entrepreneurship makes a person, half an expert. While I was working in a Logistics Firm few months back, my Boss made it clear that the company looks for students with entrepreneur skills rather than having 4 internships been done and still having no idea about the basic concepts. So you see, standing on your feet, establishing yourself in a field you are best at is highly important now to ensure a better future.

Hope this Article works out and reveals the reality that being an entrepreneur is extremely important.

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