Top 10 World’s safest countries to live in 2013

Safety-MattersThe World is becoming an uncertain place where each day a new threat to human life is seen. Whether it is Pakistan or California, there are all possibilities of disastrous outcomes, somewhere due to terrorism, and somewhere because of the climatic changes. However, if the situation is taken into consideration, it would be found that the following 10 countries are the most safest to live, on the basis of parameters such as political stability, murder statistics, and respect of human rights to call as being the safest.

If you are looking for a safe country to shift, then there are 10 good options for you. Have a look.

1) Iceland

It is going to be the safest place on earth to live in 2013 as you will be surprise to hear that is has 0 percent crime rate. It’s the only country with history of no enemies throughout the history of independence and has the most stable economy of the world. The people of this country welcome the entire world in friendlier manner. Enjoy living with Icelandic horse, Icelandic sheepdog and with variety of biodiversity.

2) New Zealand

The land of white cloud is ranked to be the second safest country because it values the life and holds high respect for human rights is listed lease corrupt country that is why it is considered to be safest, besides it is ranked as one of the safest Pacific countries in which to invest. The foreigners consider New Zealand as the heaven on earth due to its multicultural cities like Wellington and Auckland, impressive and icy mountains and glaciers with rolling green hills.

3) Tuvalu

You might have not heard about it ever because it is one of the smallest countries and an island country which is located on the globe between Australia and Hawaii. If you are looking to live In a zero-carbon country, then Tuvalu is where you can chose to live because it become the first to abandon the use of fossil fuels and derive energy from renewable sources. It comprises of four reef islands, its neighboring islands could be your next destination. The majority of people living are fishermen or farmers.

4) Denmark

It’s one of the countries where everybody wishes to live in permanently and has the lowest child poverty rate because it has high implementations regarding child services. The country was once the reason of destroying Europe but today it’s the 4th safest nation in the world and it has the lowest crime rate unless you give a pretty easy target to thieves; follow basic guidelines to avoid harassment. The country has temperate climate with cool winters and mild summers.

5) Ireland

It is commonly known as the friendliest country surrounded with friendly neighboring countries, consisting of hardworking and loving people, where everyone wants to live and enjoy life. It’s a 20th largest island on earth. The country holds annual celebrations. It gives you the feeling of living in the safest place to live with bunch on entertainment and world leading philosopher and theologian. Majority of people living are Christians.

6) Norway

The country has the lowest crime ratio, has wealthier and prosperous nation where people are free to follow culture and religion that is why it is considered as being one of the safest countries to live in 2013. It is the most peaceful and beautiful nations of the world. A country full of painted fishing villages, friendlier residents, sincere, honest and freedom from conventional cant are its national virtues, enjoy living among beautiful mountains.

7) Australia

Australia is having one of the rapid emerging economies that are upbringing the prosperity in the country that in turn reduces the crime rate in it. The famous opera house in its capital is an excellent stop and famous tourist spot. It is one the friendliest countries in the world where every year the world class dance music and theatre is showcased in opera house and together with the splendid art festival held in January and you will find art from round the world in local shopping centers and famous queen Victoria building. It is the beautiful country which is full of natural resources and is listed among the nations holding huge potential economy.

8) Austria

The land is covered with mountains which protects it and make it the safest place to live in 2012. The country also has a very low crime rate and lives with a peaceful relationship with neighbors. It’s a doorway between present and past. The country full of picturesque castles, monasteries and holds Europe’s premier ski resort in winters and if you are running from military control, it’s the best place to go for because according to the federal constitution Austria will never join any military alliance and there will be no establishment of foreign military bases on its grounds. So enjoy military free life forever.

9) Finland

The quite, calm and restful ambiance of this Scandinavian country definitely is going to improve its ranking in the list of being the safest country to live in 2013. If you are looking to stay away from the international conflicts for sure Finland will be your choice to live in, it has no terrorism, its police system is reliable, its courts are independent and violence do not exist. It’s the last country of the world towards North Pole and stay under the blanket of snow for more than six months every year.

10) Sweden

Sweden is definitely not among the countries that catch the headlines of any major crime in international media, there are very low incidents of violence. It’s a friendlier country, incredibly safe and free country to live in, it’s a capital of Scandinavian community, and Gothenburg and Stockholm are the most renowned places for tourism. What keeping it away on top of the list is they are the major exporters of weapons and therefore loose point the Global Peace Index.

If you are sick and had enough of terror and violence pack your bags and fly to one of these countries and enjoy the peaceful ambiance for your remaining life.


10 thoughts on “Top 10 World’s safest countries to live in 2013”

  1. Rizwan, the post is based on the statistics that are released by CNN and CNet regarding the rates of murders and unpeaceful events

    MAnidipa, yes, USA is no more a safe place , not atleast top 10

    Monis, Thanks

  2. Only regarding the rates of murders and unpeaceful events?..How about nature disaster, epidemics of infectious disease and others that not causes by human?

  3. Is Norway a safe country? I am from Norway, and live here, and love Norway. But still I don’t feel that I live in a very safe country, its much drinking and drug usining here, and a lot of crime in the evening time, I stay home in the evening, I only go out if I am with friends in the late evening. Its not unsafe to live here, but not really safe either. I do believe that there are more than 10 countries in the world that is much safer than Norway. Norway is safe if you are careful only, at least that is my opinion.

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