10 Most Popular Businesses in Singapore In 2014

Most Popular Businesses in SingaporeSingapore can be a great place to start your business by investing comparatively a lesser amount in 2014. Despite of its geographical significance, Singapore offers a good market to welcome new business launches. Here are 10 most popular businesses in Singapore in 2014. Have a look!

10. Online Business

Online Business most poplar business in Singapore

One of the top most businesses that you can start is the online business among which ecommerce the most celebrated one. Other than ecommerce buying and selling products online and having your own site can help you earn great sum of money.

09. Pet Business

Pet Business most popular business in Singapore

There are a lot of people in Singapore who own pets who are in desperate need of care and upkeep, making it one of the most amazingly beneficial businesses that you can have while you are at it in 2014.

08. Travel Business

Travel Business most popular business in Singapore

When talking about the travel business, because of the natural beauty and the amount of travelers that come here every year, you can start your own traveling agency and guide them by making up your own settings with the airlines and caterers.

07. Tourism

Tourism most popular business in Singapore

Tourists are one of the largest contributors of this inordinate economy that Singapore has these days. Because it is filled with natural flora, fauna and historical landmarks the entire beauty of his place is pleasing for the tourist therefore being a part of Singapore tourism can open many opportunities for you because its scope is just being expected to grow.

06. Hospitality

Hospitality most popular business in Singapore

With the advancement in the tourism and travel industry of Singapore, there has been prodigious improvement in the hospitality industry as well which may involve some of the small time bars and cafes along with huge multinational hotels and resorts etc.

05. Information Technology Business

Information Technology Business most popular business in Singapore

There are many IT firms who are settling their business in Singapore and this is why it is now one of the most potential businesses to get into during 2014.

04. Biotechnology

Biotechnology most popular business in Singapore

It is among the most rapidly flourishing industries of Singapore and is now attracting a lot of foreign attention as well. For the support of this business development of infrastructure, R&D facilities and technology work together in a harmonization.

03. Telecommunication Business

Telecommunication Business most popular business in Singapore

Singapore is one of the best telecom hubs in South Asia and is now boundless in dealing with the mobile phones as well as internet service providers.

02. Fashion Retailing Business

Fashion Retailing Business most popular business in Singapore

There are people in Singapore having great sense of fashion which is why this industry is also up-and-coming every passing day so people here can keep up with the latest fashion ideas and attires.

01. Education

Education most popular business in Singapore

This is one of the most thriving industries in Singapore in 2014 and is offering great opportunities to the businessman and entrepreneurs in the country. Here good quality education is being provided therefore many courses are very high in petition.