10 Brands to Shop for Wedding in Pakistan in 2014

Umar-Sayeed-wedding-brand-in-Pakistan.jpgWedding is certainly the most memorable day of one’s life and looking good irrespective of status is one’s dream. Even if its not money, people still find themselves landing up nowhere when it comes to choosing a brand for their wedding dress. We believe in providing our readers the best yet the most economical solution for their day-t0-days issues so that they can save their time and cash it somewhere else in a much productive manner.

Here are 10 of the best brands to shop for weddings in 2014.

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7 Websites to do Online Shopping in Pakistan

online shopping in PakistanOver the last few years, there has been seen a new trend of doing an online shopping in Pakistan, making lives easier for the busy people within the country. Life getting busy every second and it is practically impossible to take out a reasonable time for the busy schedules and actually visit the malls, spend hours to get a right place to shop and then leave it after the bargaining process fails. Thanks to the new idea of online shopping in Pakistan, you can now visit the best e-market available only a click away from you, choose a product that stands high on your requirements and make a decision you won’t regret.

With an online shopping mechanism, you always have an option of comparing your products in terms of price, color and quality through reading user reviews and even asking questions from the users. However, what goes well for other countries is often different when it comes to the developing countries with a high corruption rate, and online shopping in Pakistan is again, a sensitive task to do. It is to be remembered that there are a lot of risks involved in shopping online and not all the sites are to be trusted.

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10 Online Shopping Sites in 2013 You Should not Miss!

online shopping sites in 2013Life is becoming tough leaving us with no time to actually go to the malls and invest a good amount of time in first finding the right place to shop and then to choose the right price and then, the right choice of the good. These days when the online industry is flourishing each second, online shopping sites are one of the most hottest cakes that are bringing a really good business for the investors. With 2013, it has been seen that many new online shopping sites are emerging with a hope to be as popular as Amazon, eBay and many more.

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Top 30 Sites To Make Money By Selling Art Online

ONLINE ART SELLING SITESThere was a time few years back when the world had some great art loving audience who created a good market for the artists all over the world. However today,Art has to struggle to make its place in these modern times, there are few people who acknowledge the hard work, interest and belief behind the picture. Working as an artist is challenging as selling art could be impossible that may not pursuits interest and finance, but if done right, one can drive enormous amount of money Here are ways you can publish your art online for the world to see and explode the traffic towards you and reap the money.

8 Surprise Gifts You Can Give to Most Annoying Friends!

8 unique gifts for annoying friendsHow amazing the feeling is when you are supposed to give a gift to people you really hate? Well, you have our sympathies here. Smart earning methods has been trying up till now to cover all the aspects of your daily life to keep things going on for you, in the most amusing way. Just now when the Muslims all over the world are finally done with their Eid Celebrations and the rest of the world is now eager to celebrate Charismas and Easter in upcoming months, we decided to solve your anxiety that is often created when you are forced to gift someone you really don’t like.

Here are the 8 gifts that you can give to your most irritating friends and relatives on special occasions, cracking some humor and lighting up things. Hope you find these ideas creative enough to smile at least

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Top 5 Alternatives to Fiverr You Missed

fiverr alternativesHow interesting is the fact that sometimes the alternates are better than the realities. Fiverr is one of the popular names when online earning sites are taken in to consideration. As discussed many times about Fiverr, it’s a site that pays you $5, ($4 after deduction) for the gigs you offer to do. Following the policies that are offered by Fiverr to its members, a new trend has been seen in this online money making niche, where alternatives to Fiverr are emerging day by day. Sites like Fiverr enjoys a two way earning where the members enjoy doing deals, one selling a talent and the other buying it as needed. The seller enjoys a declared amount of $4; the buyer gets his work done for as low as $5, and the site, earning $1 for each deal been done. we will discuss 5 great alternatives to Fiverr today so that you can earn more than what you are earning now with Fiverr.

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Top 5 Online Shopping Websites of Afghanistan–2012!

top 5 sitesNo matter what country people belong to, all of them have one thing in common – shopping. Now, when the hectic schedules of daily life has occupied every second of Human life, people are switching towards online Shopping methods. If you Google about online Shopping platforms, you will notice that this trend is more followed in developed countries like USA, where every citizen is a little too busy in life. However, un-developed countries like Afghanistan still consider the trips to Malls or Downtown Shopping Centers as a form of entertainment. This is one of the reasons that online shopping market in Afghanistan is really a very limited one. On the other side, due to the security issues in the country, many families avoid to visit public places for fun. There are only few afghan Websites that are actually providing the online shopping Facilities.

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Use Social Enterprise Strategy and Become Successful!

Social Enterprise networksTo achieve something bigger tomorrow, you need to do clear planning today. In most of my articles I have tried to share some good methods to earn online. But once you establish your own set up. You need to think wider, and for that you need a strong Social enterprise.

Social Enterprise is an organization that applies business strategies to achieve generous goals. It provides an opportunity to customers to get closer to their favorite brands. The consumers get some means to convey their feedbacks and their queries. On the other hand, the companies get served too. It expands the voice of the customer and allows them to improve their customer service. These in return, maximize their sale through new channels and even progresses employee satisfaction.

TOP 10 Richest People of America In 2012

RICHEST AMERICANThere is no Doubt that The United States of America is more or less ruling the world. This super power has the strongest economy, and the nation’s wealthiest top ten personalities are worth a combined $1.53 trillion. I’ m getting too obsessed these days to find more and more about the richest people of the World. Learning from their lives, experiences and strategies, you will surely find a self motivating power within you that is the only key to achieve your goals.

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Top 10 Richest People of Pakistan in 2012

top 10 pakistan's richest peoplePakistan is one of those active countries that stay in limelight for something smaller or bigger, all the time. Sometimes, it’s either known for its economical crisis or for the political instability. In short this third world country manages somehow to be a hot topic. Recently, I shared the latest top ten richest people of the world, and that created an urge within me to find about my own home country. It’s really interesting to compare the numeric figures of the richest man of the world, i.e. Carlos Slim Heli of Mexico with a wealth of $ 74 Billion with Pakistan’s wealthiest man, Mian Muhammad Mansha, who has the worth of $ 2.5 Billion!

Here are the Top Ten Mr. Richie Richs of Pakistan. You will find yourself thrilled by the end of the article, for sure!

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How to Shop Online in Pakistan without Using Paypal?

paypal boundedBusy schedules have given a rise to the online shopping schemes and now, the first priority is given to the e-commerce market these days. PayPal is the most widely used online international payment processor but unfortunately their services are not available to Pakistan.

money-transferIn my last post, I shared few tricks to have your own PayPal Account in Pakistan, but today, I have decided to let you know about some great alternatives of PayPal that can make your life easy in online transactions if you are living in Pakistan.

Although few international online markets do not accept any alternatives but keep their business dealings only with PayPal, you can still find these alternatives very useful in making you survive in most of the cases.

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Create and Use PayPal Account in Pakistan without getting banned in 2012

money onlineAround 75% of the online money transactions are now made by PayPal. PayPal is a great and widely used service throughout the world. But again, our Pakistan is deprived of this service just like other important services. At this stage, when e-commerce has become famous, with websites that accepts payment either via credit cards or PayPal. Few of you may question that when life is moving towards trouble-free and easy ways, why we don’t go for the alternatives. Alternatives are a good way to escape, but again they are ALTERNATIVES and do not work every time.

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