Who Will Inherit Google After Larry Page And Sergey Brin?

Inherit Google After Larry Page And Sergey BrinSuccessful businesses which are once launched as a result of long lasting partnership, often lands in dissolution. Ever thought of the future of your favorite search engine while searching anything on it? If not, then here comes a point to consider. Who do you think will inherit Google after Larry Page and Sergey Brin let us say, after 40 years? Unlike the Walmart Corporation, Google Inc. is a trickier one especially in terms of its shares and stakeholder rights.

Here are some of our predictions based on the researches and the experiences in the business world.

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How to Hold A Poll on Google Plus?

PollingRunning polls is a great way of interacting with your social media audience. It gives them a chance to provide a quick one-click answer, which isn’t a problem with most people. And, it provides you with quick feedback from your followers. Another positive thing about polls is that, they tend to spread. Followers of one option or idea tend to gang up on others, especially if the poll goes viral. Facebook’s polling is a very good example. Questions on Facebook get passed around a lot by people who check an option just because they like it. Hence, polls are a great way of spreading around word about your business. Facebook provides you with nice and easy options to start polls quickly. But what about Google Plus? Weirdly, there is no poll option in Google Plus, which is kind of a let-down, especially since every other person on the network seems to be marketing a business or brand. So how can you hold polls on Google Plus?

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Google Plus made its Cover Photo Bigger- Set Your BIG Cover now!

big cover photoIf you are a social media lover and own a Google Plus account, you must know by now what a great change Google has just introduced. Since the day Google plus came into limelight, it seems like all its aim is to overtake the popularity and followership owned by the largest social networking site Facebook. Having somewhat the similar ideologies as Facebook, the stated social media is coming with something or other to attract the attention of the viewers, first it was the introduction of cover photos, and today, it is the change in size of these covers.

Google Plus has changed the layout of your G+ profiles, allowing you to give your page a new look with a new cover-a large one indeed. The change has taken place a few hours ago and still waiting for its users to adopt it.

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8 Most Important Social Media Updates of 2012

social media updates in 2012It feels great to turn back the pages of time and review the memories by the end of every year. Our lives are now all connected with the social networking sites, whether personally or professionally, we now depend largely on the social media. 2012 is now finally coming to an end. December is upon us and with that; the journey of Smart Earning Methods is reaching its first anniversary. Throughout this journey, we have been highlighting all the important updates that were related to any niche, related to the online money making business, where Social media was one of the top listed. Time is running too fast, it seems recent that Facebook came up with cover photos, twitter with some new ways to tweet and lot more. Here are the best-and-most important updates that have contributed in improving the services for the users.

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Is Google Authorship Markup working for your pages? – Solution

AuthorshipGoogle Authorship is a great way to get yourself recognized. It allows bloggers and webmasters to add a personal touch to their site’s search results returned to the casual searcher. Normally, search results return the title of a webpage, along with an excerpt based on the search query. But Google Authorship lets bloggers and webmasters associate a Google Plus profile with their websites, so that the content can be identified, and credited to a ‘real’ person. To that end, Google will return the display image as a thumbnail of the associated Google Plus profile. Aside from the thumbnail on the left, you can also get a larger image on the right along with some profile information.

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Best Ways To Make Money with Google Plus?

GOOGLE PLUSIf you want your business to flourish quicker than your imaginations, you need to turn your business into an online one as internet is the biggest possible market. It is now compulsory that you have a sound base in World Wide Web. Google is keen to launch it’s another new social networking site, the Google Plus” which has given the people another way to earn a happy living. Moreover the service providers are enjoying the benefits too. It is hard to assume even that someone who uses Google and is in search of money making techniques is not aware of this name. The Google +!

Before I share HOW to make money via Google+, you first need to know WHY you should start marketing on G+.