5 Ways To Integrate Twitter With Your WordPress Site

Twitter WordPress integrationWordPress is a very large publishing platform that is powering hundreds of thousands of blogs. Hence, it is very popular. And so is Twitter. If you’re a blogger, then chances are, that you use Twitter for your updates and fan engagement, because Twitter undoubtedly is one of the best tools for building audience and socializing with others. You can use Twitter to divert some traffic to your blog, and also use your blog to direct potential followers to your Twitter profile. For that to work, you need to closely integrate your Twitter account with your WordPress site. Here, we will discuss the top 5 ways you can do that.

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Buff Up Your WordPress Dashboard With The Fluency Admin Pugin

Fluency AdminThe WordPress dashboard, although rich in features, can become somewhat boring especially if you visit it regularly. But fortunately, WordPress is a very popular CMS, with a lot of plugins available for it. Nothing is set into stone, right? Taking advantage of the large plugin inventory, you can change the look of your WP dashboard and admin area. One such great plugin is Fluency Admin.

Fluency Admin, quite simply, brings fluency to your blog administrative tasks. This plugin was created for a competition created by WordPress. This competition was centred around developing ‘dashboard plugins’ that would enhance bloggers’ admin experience. The plugin was created by Dean Robinson. Since its creation, it has undergone some changes that further improve your blogging experience.

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WordPress Plugins for Combating the Google Panda Update

Google PandaLast year in November 2011, Google unleashed a wild Panda update upon bloggers and ruined many people’s lives! Of course, SEM wasn’t around back then. But a lot of blogs we know got affected by this algorithm update. Some sites were positively effected, and their traffic soared, while many, many others saw the bad side of the coin and their traffic virtually came to a standstill. Clearly, they were doing things wrong. And at the end of March this year, another Panda update was rolled out. If anything, the new update worsened the situation rather than repair it. That means we will have to change and fix things according to Google’s preferences. Who knows what Google has in store for us in the next update? Here, we’ll talk about some WordPress plugins that can help you do the changing and fixing on your blog.

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Use Notice Boxes Plugin For WordPress To Style Your Posts

Are you bored by looking at the same content style in your posts over and over again? Is the default formatting too monotonous for your taste? Well, chances are, you readers are going through the same torment, perhaps intensified! Fortunately, you are in luck. You can change your post styling using popular WordPress plugins, such as Notice Boxes.

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Top WordPress Plugins to Enhance Your Blogging Experiance!

WordPressAre you a regular blogger? Do you open up your dashboard nearly every day to add a post or do other administrative work? If so, you will agree with me on this. The standard WordPress dashboard is quite boring (right?). Although it is, by no means lacking in any functionality. But there’s always room for improvement. Human psychology dictates that man can never be happy with his current situation, and always wants more (:P). Therefore, no matter how good the WP dashboard might look to you, it will soon enough begin to bore you.

Which brings us to the question at hand. How to improve your dashboard so that it looks better and feels more comfortable? Well, luckily, there are some plugins that will enhance your blogging experience at the dashboard level.

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Google XML Sitemaps : An Essential WordPress Plugin

Google XML SitemapsWhen there is a mention of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for WordPress, there’s one plugin you simply can’t ignore; Google XML Sitemaps. It is an essential plugin I think all WordPress users must have. It is simple, reliable, updated, powerful, and best of all, works automatically. To make sure that search engines find and index all your pages, you need to submit to them a sitemap of your blog. Google XML Sitemaps creates an XML sitemap for your blog, which is compatible with all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

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Top 5 Image Gallery Plugins for WordPress!

GallerySo, previously we shared a list of the Top 5 Featured Content Slider Plugins for WordPress, and in that post, we intentionally kept out Image Gallery plugins. Why? Because there’s some difference. The Slider Plugins are used mainly for pages, posts and other content. Image Gallery plugins focus just on images. At some point or another, you will need to show some pictures to your readers, be they screenshots or HD wallpapers. This post will discuss some of the best gallery plugins available for WordPress.

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Top 5 Featured Content Slider Plugins for WordPress You Must Try!

Featured Content WordPress PluginsWhenever a user lands on your website, it is very important that you show him the best content your website has to offer. Such content is known as featured content. In this way, you can reduce your bounce rate. The user is likelier to stick around longer and check out other great content on your website. Now for showing featured content, sliders are the latest trend, and getting more and more popular. Not only do they beautify your website design, they also offer ease of use and accessibility for the visitor. Take your best content and a good slider system, coupled with the most popular CMS in the world (WordPress) and you’ve cooked up a great recipe to boost your online success!

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Top 10 Security Plugins for WordPress You Must Have!

WordPress SecurityWordPress is the most popular CMS among bloggers, because it is the easiest, and the most powerful. On top of that, it has thousands of plugins you can choose from. But as with any big software, the more popular it is, the more are the chances of it getting hacked. Let’s take a look at how you can set up a secure WordPress blog or website by using some plugins.

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Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Better SEO – 2012!

WordPress SEO Plug-InsEvery webmaster / bloggers needs to learn some sort of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), because it is vital for any website’s / blog’s online success. There are many tools available which make it easier for your to optimize your site. Here, we will discuss some of the top WordPress plugins that can come in handy for you if you are using WordPress as your CMS (Content Management System).

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Top 10 Must-Have iPhone Applications For Bloggers

iPhoneAs a general rule of thumb, bloggers are usually the kind of people who are tech-savvy, interested in latest gadgets, experimenting with the technologies they have etc. And for many such bloggers, the Smartphone has become the go-to device when it comes to blogging. Smartphones have really revolutionized the way we socialize and communicate with each other. The number of smartphone users has been going up constantly in the last few years. Which naturally means that some prominent giants have emerged (as in any other industry).

Now as you all know, the Apple’s iPhone really introduced the idea of a (really) smart Smartphone. With time, competitors have emerged. But Apple still remain among the top brands when it comes to mobile OS (Operating System). What’s that got to do with bloggers? Well, like I said, bloggers are tech-savvy people. Which means a lot of them own gadgets, and Smartphones. And I am sure many among them posses iPhones.

Now coming to the point, we earlier did a post about the top 5 applications for bloggers. It is only fair that there should be a similar post for those users who have iPhones instead.

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Top 5 Android Apps Bloggers Must Have!

Blogging With AndroidAs you all know, Google’s Android is one of the most popular mobile operating system around. In fact, if not for iPhone, it would have easily been the boss! Although that is not to say iPhone OS is better! It’s a whole big debate as to which is better. So let’s just say Android is one of the market leaders, and leave it at that.

Getting to the point, since Android is so much popular, lots of people now have Android devices. And those people include bloggers. Bloggers need to stay connected not only to their blog and its family (the visitors), but also stay in touch with the latest news, trends, etc. Also, blogging on-the-go can be pretty handy, and you don’t need to fire up your computer each time you need to do something.

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