How Pepsi and Coca Cola are Stealing each other’s Ideas and still winning?

How Pepsi and Coca Cola are Stealing each other’s Ideas and still winningFighting in the marketing world with the new ways of giving a tough time to the competitors is becoming the foremost concern of the huge businesses who are in a continuous race with their competitors and that becomes obvious when you see their product promotions on screen.

If you have ever given a look to the thought on how similar and how different Pepsi and Coca Cola are, you must have landed-up yourself in an utter confusion on how both of the companies are surviving when both of them are running more or less on the same ideology.

Let us explain How Pepsi and Coca Cola are Stealing each other’s Ideas and still winning?

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Which is More Effective- Local Street Billboards or TV Commercial Ads?

Local Street Billboards or TV Commercial AdsMarketing is certainly the root of the success of your business and in case you are dealing with a business that often  requires an updated marketing strategy, you must be aware of the topic, we shall be dealing with, shortly. Whenever it comes to promoting some business, product or any piece of art, the very first thing that comes to the mind is the advertising strategies. The advertisement techniques followed up by a company or a production house in any field put a great impact on the name and fame of the company. Different marketing and promotion techniques have been used as advertising tools to get the company generate a considerable feedback.

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What Made Junaid Jamshed the Richest Brand Owner in Pakistan?

The brand owner Junaid JamshedKeeping yourself in limelight and making a good use of your existence is an art which is limited to few people in the world and when it comes to the Pakistani high profile life, it demands much out of an individual. Being an Islamic state, Pakistan’s culture and its traditions have experienced a serious blow over the last 15 years of Media boom where entertainment industry has flourished at a pace unmatchable. Celebrities, who managed to keep themselves in news, are majorly the ones who enjoyed a good social and economic recognition and those who changed their path and launched themselves as scholars and businessmen, failed badly.

It can be interesting to question that while many Pakistani celebrities who switched their careers experienced a tough business ground, Junaid Jamshed continued to cash his talents in the shape of his clothing brand that we know as J., J.J, or Junaid Jamshed.

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Is Infolinks a scam and fraud Ad network?

Is Infolinks a scam and fraud Ad network In the fast moving world of latest technology and online work, it is hard to identify who is real and who is unreal. It gets difficult to choose the services and the service providers. You need to be very clear and picky before you begin working. There are many fraud and scam networks and platforms providing services and then running away with dispatching the payments. In order to clear your concerns, we are sharing details about infolinks and whether it is scam or not.

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Top 6 Facebook Ads Optimization Tips To Spend Budget Wisely

Top Facebook Ad Optimization TipsManaging a profitable customer relationship by fulfilling their needs while satisfying the goals and objectives of your organization is what marketing is all about. What we normally take as ‘promoting your product’, is one of the four pillars of marketing, i.e. Product, Placement, Price, Promotion, but is also generally the most important one as it allows you to gain people’s conviction which, in a world of several competitors, is exactly what you need to do. Facebook provides you with easy mechanisms to launch your advertisement campaigns and hence, extract revenue from them. However, easy as it may sound, it really isn’t; and that primarily would be because of your competitors who also happen to know this fact – plus, your poor campaign strategies also contribute a lot to your failure. But, if launched correctly, your ads can certainly fulfil your goals without a hassle. Let’s take a look at a few best Facebook ad optimization tips to help you launch a successful advertisement campaign on Facebook.

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Media.Net: The new Yahoo! Bing alternative to Google AdSense

media-netNow days, the most common way of making money from your website is to place PPC ads (Pay Per Click Advertisement) on it. Advertisers pay the publisher a fair amount whenever the ad is clicked. But which PPC advertisement model should a person use? Google AdSense is the most popular PPC ad model and even though it is the best choice for PPC advertisement, some of you might not be comfortable with their policies. So, today we would like to introduce you to a new alternative to AdSense i.e., which is a Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads program.

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5 Biggest Online Advertising Agencies in Pakistan

online advertising agencies pakistanNo matter which business you choose for yourself, you need to market it correctly if you are looking forward to some decent revenue been generated by it. It is obvious that when a product or service is newly launched, the targeted audience needs to be informed about it and here comes a need of advertising. There was a time when advertising was all limited to either the news papers or Television but thanks to the e-media, things have adopted a new strategy. However, If you are living in Pakistan and wants to promote your product on web, you should be knowing the right doors to knock on.

Interestingly, there are about thousands of advertising agencies available within the country but again the dilemma of living in a developing nation is the fact that you cannot trust all the options that are apparently available to you.

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Google Adsense Text Ads will now include clickable Arrow icons!

clickable arrow iconssMoney is equally beautiful whether it comes through Image or Text ads that bring revenue to you through the pay-per-click policy. It is becoming evident that Google Adsense is becoming really merciful to the sites with less readership and working text ads and their looks. Although text ads often go unnoticed by the readers, they still contribute fairly in generating revenue, especially for the average rated sites, ask them their worth. Google Adsense Team has announced few hours back that it had been working on text ads to make them better and effective and finally has come up with clickable Arrow icons on text Ads.

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10 Tips to Buy and Sell products on OLX Pakistan

olxThe internet is increasingly becoming a marketplace, and more and more people are inclined towards online shopping, since its easier and much more convenient. Besides eCommerce and online purchases, a lot of people now prefer to sell their belongings online as well, since that way, they are more globally accessible. Hence, the classifieds culture. Of course, you might have heard of eBay. But for areas where there is no eBay, there is a really great option, OLX. Over here, you can buy or sell almost any kind of product that you can think of, from toys and clothing to bikes and cars. It’s a one-stop-shop for your classifieds, and especially benefits people living in countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh etc. If you want to buy or sell something using OLX, here are a few tips you should keep in mind.

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Why Write Product Reviews To Make Money?

Write product reviewsManufactured products are being used everywhere. Everyone makes use of at least a few products every day, from clothing items to electronic gadgets to consumer electronics such as microwave ovens and LCD TVs etc. Products also include digital gadgets, software, games, utilities, websites, services, and so on. All of these products are being used by consumers worldwide. What makes users stick to one brand or manufacturer through the years is their quality. And while manufacturers are constantly trying to improve their quality, they also want more and more people to know about their products. This is where product reviews come in. Product reviews help companies publicize their products, and expand their reach. For this purpose, some companies pay people to write products reviews. Let’s look at how you can write product reviews and earn money.

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Getting Rich Ideas To Sell Jewelry And T-Shirts On Facebook

make money on facebookEarning money in this era is no longer restricted to having a job, online or otherwise. Many people take on part-time jobs and activities as the economic conditions force them to look for alternative sources of income. This trend is becoming especially popular in youth, who have the determination and the energy to do something productive along with studies.Indeed, there are many ways students are earning money online. But while these are some of the more traditional approaches, it is important for students and the youth to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and approach. This involves thinking outside the box, and coming up with new ideas. Since the youth these days is more into fashion than ever, now would be a good idea for them to come up with a product or brand of their own, and promote it on Facebook. For example, selling T-shirts, jewelry, or other fashion accessories can be a good way to go!

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6 Reasons Why Recruit With Facebook Ads

Facebook adsFacebook is a very large platforms that offers more than just interactivity to users. It is a great promotional and marketing tool that can be made use of via not only social profiles and Pages, but also via advertising. In fact, Facebook ads are very effective when it comes to promoting a brand or a product. Some users might find them irksome, but various companies have met these ads with remarkable success. Some companies have even started recruiting people on Facebook for jobs, and it is turning out to be very effective, since many of the people on Facebook can’t be reached through other means. Here are a few reasons why more and more companies should use this form of recruitment, since it has a tremendous amount of potential.

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