15 Major Differences between a Blog and Website

SEM - 15-Major-Differences-between-a-Blog-and-Website

SEM - 15-Major-Differences-between-a-Blog-and-Website

These days the words such as a ‘website’ and a ‘blog’ are not new for people with even a minimal access to internet so I do not need to give and intro for these terms to you all. Blogs and websites are the main source of attraction for the viewers and customers. They are the first step towards betterment in your business.

As saying goes:

‘All apples are fruits but not all fruits are apples.’


‘All blogs are websites but not all websites are blogs.’

However, what some of you might not be aware of is the major difference between the two and how these two make a difference to the global world with their presence. Let me put some light to the major differences between a blog and a website. Check out what we have in store for you today!

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Best A-Z Content Writing Strategies for Bloggers In 2019

Content Writing Strategies for BloggersBlogging is a passion of most of the online workers. The nature of work is simple and effective and through blogging people earn good amount of money as well. If you are a blogger and thinking about staring your own web page an A to Z list of content writing strategies are a must for you. The best A to Z  Content Writing Strategies in 2019 are as followed!

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50 Ways to Improve your Website Business

make moeny with websiteWith the increasing awareness about the online earning strategies, people are getting inclined towards making money with their websites and blogs, however, there are only few who found themselves lucky enough to enjoy fruitful results. Your newly born site needs to be pampered and managed properly, following the correct guidelines and implementing the strategies that are prescribed the the professional bloggers.

After conducting a survey of the strategies that the pro-bloggers adopted and matching them with the success stories, here are some must-to-follow tips that a newbie must follow in order to earn with his blog.

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How To Increase Your Google Page Rank

Google PageRank

Are you getting no traffic on your blog? It might be because your pagerank is not adequate enough. The amount of traffic you get on your blog is directly proportional to the Page Rank your blog/website has. Of course it follows from logic that the better the rank, the more the traffic since people like to utilize maximum time by visiting top rated pages only. Although there are many services that evaluate your page’s rank, Google PageRank is the best since most people use Google as their preferred search engine. So, in this post, we will discuss some mistakes many people make and some tips on how to improve your Google PageRank.

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10 Hot Tips to Judge Your Articles to Offer High Quality !

judge your articlesA blogger needs to be a fair judge when it comes to judging his own articles before actually publishing the content to his blog. to ensure that all his posts maintain a high quality consistently, it is therefore advised to draw up a framework to judge the article once it is ready to get published.

here are 10 most common tips  that a blogger must follow while examining his written piece so that all his Articles turn out to be great ones, ultimately bringing a huge traffic along with a considerable revenue with it.

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6 Tips To Become A Pro-Blogger and Make Money!

become pro bloggerMost of my readers are bloggers and while monitoring the comments, I have come across questions and queries that although some bloggers work really serious to make money with their blogs but still, opting this way to become rich is not turning out to be a big one. However, I have seen people turning into bloggers and getting rich in no time and the only ingredient they put in their strategies will be discussed today.

There is no doubt about the fact that there is a long list of successful bloggers that are making huge amounts on monthly basis just with this talent. Each day about 100s of newbie are looking forward to meet up their earnings with it too.

Today we will discuss some tips that are a “must have ingredient” in a blogger. This article reveals some undeniable facts about why you can’t make money with effective blogging.

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Top 6 Tips To Choose Effective Blogging Topics!

effective blog nameIt has been said that the decisions you take initially in a business, decides the profit throughout the life of the set up. When talk about blogging specifically, the first key to success is the niche you choose for your blog. We have been discussing the importance of an effective niche several times in our posts but the topic itself is significant enough for a standalone post. You need to understand that your blogging career totally lies on the subject you choose to blog on. However, it’s a pity that the fresh bloggers, overlooking the importance of niche, simply invest a great deal of money and their time and efforts in establishing a blog which hardly brings any good to them.

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Give a Life to Your Old Posts and Increase Your Page Ranks–Make More Money

mainIt’s a fact that with time, we forget a lot of things, good memories, bad memories and things we read. Now if you see from a blogger’s point of view, the articles that once turned out to be a very successful one slowly lose their charm with the passage of time. A good article is just like an asset for a blogger which he should always keep alive.

When you recycle your real gems, you actually increase your page Rank. While I was going through my hit posts, I was wondering how to keep them involve in my present and I found some great ways to grab some more popularity for my best shots. Being too devoted to my readers, I am here to share what I learnt to make more money and popularity with old posts that once did a huge business for you.

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Use Notice Boxes Plugin For WordPress To Style Your Posts

Are you bored by looking at the same content style in your posts over and over again? Is the default formatting too monotonous for your taste? Well, chances are, you readers are going through the same torment, perhaps intensified! Fortunately, you are in luck. You can change your post styling using popular WordPress plugins, such as Notice Boxes.

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Top WordPress Plugins to Enhance Your Blogging Experiance!

WordPressAre you a regular blogger? Do you open up your dashboard nearly every day to add a post or do other administrative work? If so, you will agree with me on this. The standard WordPress dashboard is quite boring (right?). Although it is, by no means lacking in any functionality. But there’s always room for improvement. Human psychology dictates that man can never be happy with his current situation, and always wants more (:P). Therefore, no matter how good the WP dashboard might look to you, it will soon enough begin to bore you.

Which brings us to the question at hand. How to improve your dashboard so that it looks better and feels more comfortable? Well, luckily, there are some plugins that will enhance your blogging experience at the dashboard level.

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How to Submit Your Sitemap to Google in 2012?

SitemapAny website owner’s main concern is getting his site recognized by major search engines. For beginners, it’s a common question; How to get your site listed on Google? Well, that is where a sitemap comes in. Earlier, we talked about how Google XML Sitemaps plugin for WordPress can create a sitemap for you. It is available for other blogging platforms as well like Blogger etc. Well today, we will talk about what to do with the sitemap you have somehow created

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