How To Increase Your Google Page Rank

Google PageRank

Are you getting no traffic on your blog? It might be because your pagerank is not adequate enough. The amount of traffic you get on your blog is directly proportional to the Page Rank your blog/website has. Of course it follows from logic that the better the rank, the more the traffic since people like to utilize maximum time by visiting top rated pages only. Although there are many services that evaluate your page’s rank, Google PageRank is the best since most people use Google as their preferred search engine. So, in this post, we will discuss some mistakes many people make and some tips on how to improve your Google PageRank.

What is Google PageRank?

Quite simply, Google PageRank is a rating of your page/website out of 10, with 0 being the lowest and 10 being the highest rank. Why is it important? Well first of all, although there is no direct proportionality between PR and traffic, there certainly is a certain relationship. Generally, the more the PR, the more traffic a website has. This is, of course not always the case, especially since the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates by Google. The priority now is quality. But only quality websites now have a decent PR. Websites that weren’t quality dropped in PR. So it comes back to the same thing; PR vs traffic.

A high PR also points to a credible website. If you have a good PR, chances are that you will end up on top in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). So it might pay off to have a nice PR.

What does it depend upon?

Google as never released a ‘rating criteria’ as sch, and I think it never will. But it sure has let out some tips. Ever since Google Panda and Google Penguin hit, it has been a chaos. Quite a lot many feathers are being ruffled, Which means one thing. While it used to be about SEO mostly, now its about quality mostly, with a little helping SEO.

The basic things Google is now looking for are inbound and outbound links, post quality and integrity, no spam methods, and white hat SEO. We will talk about them in more detail.

In-bound linking

The quality of your in-bound links matter a lot. In-bound links are backlinks, which are coming from other blogs to your own. The more in-bound links you have, the more traffic you’ll have, and the better it’ll be for your blog. But these links should be credible, and of good quality. Otherwise, they’ll just harm you. Over enthusiastic people tend to make multiple new websites and give their main website links from these websites to get backlinks. Google wants to discourage this practise precisely.

People also buy backlinks from many such services. They offer thousands of backlinks for just a few dollars. Well let me tell you one thing. These aren’t just backlinks. These are knives stabbing your blog in the back. Such links are not only low quality, but they also contain the same anchor text, which hints at automation. And if there’s one thing Google hates more than anything else, it’s automated bots trying to spam its crawlers.

Out-bound linking

Out bound linking is just as important as inbound linking. Outbound links are those that you give out to other blogs. Having outbound links to low quality website isn’t a good idea, whereas linking to good quality sites is. If you must link to low quality websites, then always give them a rel=”nofollow” attribute.

There’s also the inbound:outbound ratio. If you have played an FPS game before, you’ll know how important K:D ratio is. Well, this is a bit like that. Too few inbound links, but too many outbound links is considered as cheap and spam. Don’t do it.

Guest posting

Writing for other blogs can work wonders for you! Writing guest posts for reputable, well established blogs regularly will definitely increase your PR. Guest posts give you a free, quality backlink, that is also related to your niche. The more you have, the better. It will also mean quality websites linking to you, which is liked by Google. Guest posting will also give you exposure to a wider audience, some of whom might follow you back to your blog, hence increasing your traffic.

These were the most basic, but extremely important points you need to know. If you work on these basic principles, then there’s no way your PR will drop. Of the above three, i’d recommend you start on guest posting right away! It’s a proven way of improving your PR.

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  1. Hey, I think I knew a lot about PR. But I never knew that creating multiple websites and adding links to my website may harm my PR. I did it recently, and was wondering why my traffic from google went down. Now, I am gonna delete those links right away. Thanks Qasim, a lot!

  2. Informative post.Google is a top search-engine and it’s result is relevant to your search result that’s way many people like google. While compare to google page rank and alexa page rank my hope alexa page rank is most important.Many people doing the online shopping based on google page rank becaus if a website don’t have any google page rank might be it is a fraud website.Anyway thanks for share many thinks with us.

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