Google Adsense Text Ads will now include clickable Arrow icons!

clickable arrow iconssMoney is equally beautiful whether it comes through Image or Text ads that bring revenue to you through the pay-per-click policy. It is becoming evident that Google Adsense is becoming really merciful to the sites with less readership and working text ads and their looks. Although text ads often go unnoticed by the readers, they still contribute fairly in generating revenue, especially for the average rated sites, ask them their worth. Google Adsense Team has announced few hours back that it had been working on text ads to make them better and effective and finally has come up with clickable Arrow icons on text Ads.

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How To Create Responsive Google Ads For Better Optimization

Google Responsive AdsWhen it comes to optimizing you website, accessibility is one factor you just can’t rule out. Your site should not only just look and function great, it also needs to work well with mobile devices, since more than 13% of internet users access the internet through smartphones and tablets. And speaking of mobile devices, you might have heard of Responsive Web Design. Responsive Websites are websites that are optimized to be viewed on a range of screen sizes, including mobile and tablet screens. Hence, no matter what device you are using, your site will look consistent, and be easily readable on a wide range of mobile devices. And while your site might be responsive, your AdSense ads won’t. So how can you make your Google Ads responsive as well?

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How To Increase Your AdSense Earnings To Make A Better Living Online?

Increase Google AdSense earningWhen you talk about earning money online, there’s one thing that always springs to mind: Google AdSense. It has been on bloggers’ mind ever since it started. And to be fair, it is one of the oldest, the largest, and the most popular advertising program of its kind. That is why everyone is trying to get their hands on an AdSense account. Why? Because it pays better than most. And it is more established than other programs.

Since the past few years, the threshold for AdSense approval appears to have somewhat dropped. So getting in is no longer hard. What is hard, though, is making it worthwhile. Google might let you in easy, but it isn’t so enthusiastic about paying. Which is why you have to do more than just putting up an ad on your website and hoping it would start churning gold.So here, we will discuss some tips, or important points, that you need to apply in order to increase your online earnings.

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How To Get Google AdSense Approved In India Fast?

Google AdSenseGoogle Adsense is one of the top leading higher revenue sharing publisher network on web. I hope that you are already familiar with Google Adsense and that lead you to read this post. Am I right??. As you all know that there are many alternatives to Google Adsense but none of them can compete with Adsense which have the highest CTR and pays highest revenue all over the web. But getting approved by Google Adsense is not at all a simple task and it lacks a lot of criteria.

I noticed huge number of bloggers stating that Google Adsense is pretty strict with adsense application sent by India and china bloggers as these countries have been effected by fraud clicks issue. These gossips have spread all over the blogosphere and there are plenty of questions on various forums like Google Adsense forum regarding this issue.

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Why You Wouldn’t Like Google AdSense?

Google AdSenseBlogging is one big thing. The people who understands the complete meaning of blogging will always get success in their online venture, but for people who have started a blog just for the sake of earning money, without knowing anything about blogging will only become friends with failure. Not even such newbie bloggers, but also people who are well aware of blogging will think of monetizing their blog. Ask any blogger you know, which program do want to monetize your blog and the ultimate answer will be Google Adsense.

Frankly saying even I also entered the blogosphere with an aim to earn some quick bucks but as I got more and more exposed to blogging, I understood it is not just about making money but it is something that connects you with different people in the world. My main aim was to get approval from Adsense but today, for me, money making has a completely different meaning. Now I don’t like Adsense at all. Forget about Adsense, I don’t like PPC ads. Why is it so ?? Well, read on.

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Google AdSense Evil Effects Revealed–see The Other Side – 2012

google adverse effectsIn few recent years we have seen a huge trend of making money online and people enjoying this money making business by simply adding Advertisements on their blogs and websites and generating a considerable amount of money for every click on these Ads. There is no doubt that even the Professional bloggers have a great urge for these advertisements that the Google AdSense offers. It’s my firm believe that every good thing brings its adverse affect along, and this implies here too.

We will discuss something very strange, yet true about the Google AdSense.

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Biggest AdSense Mistakes Most Bloggers Make, And How To Avoid Them!

Google AdSense mistakesAs all of you might know, Google AdSense is the largest ad network on the internet, and is the primary source of income for many bloggers out there. There are, however, many others who are either unsuccessful at getting approved, or they simply fail to utilize the full potential of AdSense. In most of the cases, such bloggers are making some very basic mistakes. Today, we will discuss some most common mistakes, and how you can avoid them.

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Top 5 Alternatives to Google AdSense

Google AdSense AlternativesGoogle AdSense is a giant when it comes to advertising. For many bloggers, it’s THE advertising network, with a majority of their income coming from AdSense. You might be asking; Why on earth would anyone not want to consider Google AdSense, and go for its alternatives instead? Well, for a lot of people out there, it’s not about ‘what they want’, it’s about ‘what they have’.

Unfortunately, not everyone can get their blogs approved for AdSense. Google have some tough terms and conditions which a normal person (like me) can’t easily understand. Sometimes, advertisers find their accounts banned by Google, which is when the real problem starts. It’s (almost) impossible to get AdSense approved again for the same blog. In these situations, alternatives need to be found.

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Top 7 Ways For College Students To Make Money Online – 2012

COLLEGE STUDENTS MAKE MONEY ONLINEThere has been recently, a new trend launched in the Indian as well as Pakistani Market, where the youth is taking a keen interest in availing the best source to earn money. That is, making Money Online. There are many business schemes that you can adopt using the internet. You just have to search the right place to choose what will serve you the best.

In this article, I will highlight some common ways through which the students of these both countries can facilitate themselves in the best possible manner, keeping their studies as priority and making money of their own.

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Adsense For Domains Retiring! What is Domain Parking Provider?

Adsense domians retiring parked domainsThis news must be a little shocking for those who are generating sufficient revenue from Adsense Ads displayed on their undeveloped naked domains. Adsense for domains which is a Google product that offered web masters to monetize hosted domains by displaying Domain specific Ads on their empty sites is soon going to retire and end by April 18 2012.  From now onwards undeveloped domains will be served through Google’s existing AdSense for Domains distribution network only. Following are some important Deadlines that you must note:

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Best Ways To Make Money with Google Plus?

GOOGLE PLUSIf you want your business to flourish quicker than your imaginations, you need to turn your business into an online one as internet is the biggest possible market. It is now compulsory that you have a sound base in World Wide Web. Google is keen to launch it’s another new social networking site, the Google Plus” which has given the people another way to earn a happy living. Moreover the service providers are enjoying the benefits too. It is hard to assume even that someone who uses Google and is in search of money making techniques is not aware of this name. The Google +!

Before I share HOW to make money via Google+, you first need to know WHY you should start marketing on G+.