5 Best Alternatives To Udemy

Best Alternatives to UdemyWhen it comes to some of the key names in regard with online learning and video sharing related to different courses, Udemy has got a significant position in the list. It is an online platform where you can sell your courses if you are an expert at something. you can also learn any specific area of subject provided on their website. According to recent surveys, Udemy claims to serve over 10 million students and it also has an option of more than 40,000 course alternatives. Coming to the fact, Udemy is not the only platform to learn in the e-learning market. There are several other alternatives which are giving their best services just like Udemy or even better than that. Here are five alternatives to Udemy!

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How Much Money Has Lindsey Stirling Earned With YouTube?

Lindsey making money with youtubeIn the modern era, where the stage of social media is being ruled by the comedian and hard-core gaming review generators and the mushicians. One can only imagine how hard it can be to be famous for only their style of playing the music instrument. Consider YouTube, where most of the subscribed channels are of the lead pop singers and DJ’s, comedians and last but not the least of gamers who review on games. Lindsey Stirling, a YouTube sensation is a perfect example that fits the above mentioned description. She is an artist who never sings but loves to play with her violin. Few details about her rise to success and others are as followed!

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How To Find a Trustworthy SEO Company For Your Website?

How to Hire A Professional SEO?

How to hire a trustworthy SEO company?You have realized that your website needs a little extra push or a major shove in order to bring in more business. And you have decided to hire a professional Search Engine Optimization firm or consultant to do the job you don’t have the time or the expertise to do yourself. This might be one of the best decisions you might have ever made. But how do you go about finding a good and trustworthy SEO company that will be a perfect match for your website? What is the next logical thing to do and how do you know you can trust them?

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How Businesses Can Benefit From Twitter’s ‘While You Were Away’ Feature?

Twitter 'While You Were Away'

Twitter has become an increasingly powerful marketing tool. Now, with the introduction of a new ‘While you were away” feature, it hopes to become something big. Businesses have had a love/hate relationship with Twitter since its birth. It can be a tremendous communication tool, of course, but it seemed to only be of true benefit for big companies. Local businesses outside of real-time floaters had a hard time generating a true return on investment. With this new feature however, Twitter aims to change that.

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4 Pakistani Singers who Left Music for Islam!

Pakistani Singers who Left Music For Islam!Every religion owns its own set of rules and preaching. Being the third largest religion of the world, Islam refrain its followers from exposing their body, singing, playing instruments and things very much we see on television. However, with the change seen in the living standards and in society, what was considered shame in the religion is now overlooked in the name of freedom and modernization. The process is never-ending and Scholars of Islam consider this trend as a threat to the Islamic Beliefs.

Human life is prone to change and when the change is for the love of Divine, one can hardly think of anything else. Pakistani media industry has a long list of famous celebrities who were known as an Ace in their entertainment field but quit their career and business when tried to take refuge in the religion.

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4 Instagram Critical Threats to User Privacy!

Instagram Critical Threats TO USER PRIVACYIt would take ages if we start discussing the pros and cons of how technology is affecting the world and lives of individuals in general but the debate won’t get settled anywhere. These days when the social networking has turned into the prime medium under the slogan of keeping world connected, what naïve users are encountering every second is a threat to privacy which is getting harder day by day to maintain if you are into online sharing world.

We have been sharing much about the online photo sharing website Instagram with you all and have also shared a great deal on how the tool can be used a business generating platform, but here we are again with all our concern towards our precious readers’ privacy and security.

Here are 4 Instagram critical threats to user privacy, read them carefully!

How Does a Website Make Money in 2013?

How does a website make moneyThese days when people are finding the online earning strategies as an attractive way to make money, there has been seen a great boost in the number of blogs and websites been created daily. However, It is a pity that about 6% of the total websites emerging these days actually generate some revenue probably because of the lack of knowledge of how do these blogs and websites make money.

Here is a detailed article where you will learn that how does a website make money and once you understand the mechanism, things can really turn into a profit.

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Top 10 Spoken Languages in the World in 2012

top 10 languagesWhen you decide to make your career in the online world, it is important not to forget that the audience you are targeting to, is huge-and-diverse. This means that you are lucky enough to have readers from all over the world, that is, people who have different cultures and languages. There is no doubt about the fact that a wise businessmen is the one who choose the platform that can turn out to be a profiting considerably as compared to the other options available. Language has always played an important part. Imagine yourself visiting an Arabic Website if you are not a native Arab, It would obviously leave you clueless and you would try to find your stuff somewhere else. In Order to understand the required profitable grounds in the world, it is a good practice to analyze where do you have a good audience to focus on. Here are top 10 most spoken languages in the world, therefore, if you are looking for something new, you may target your readers on the basis of number of speakers of the language you are good at. Have a look!

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Google Takes Initiative to Promote Web Content in Arabic

google in arabicIt seems like Google is looking forward to establish even a bigger market in the Middle East as it announced few hours back that it is about to take a month-long initiative that basically aims to promote Arabic on the Internet. Although Arabic is one of the top 10 spoken languages in the world, it has been seen that internet seems to be an English oriented platform, offering limited resources to the natives of those countries that do not support a well framed English, primarily because of the political aspects, or probably because of poverty and bad economy. As it has always been noticed, Google seems to keep an eagle’s eye on the regions where it has less popularity and Middle East, for sure was one of them. We Will Discuss Google’s latest Strategy in later part of the post, but before that, it is important to learn some key factors that forced Google to make such an announcement.

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7 NOT to do Things on Twitter

Interestingly, a number of social media specialist often focus their zest talks on what to do on Twitter. Too bad, they fail to spot out on the significant things you shouldn’t be doing on Twitter. You need to be extra careful, especially when you are seeking opportunities to get a boost in your online business by utilizing these social networking sites.

Here’s my catch on the 7 things you should NOT do on Twitter.

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Do you know how to use HashTags in Google Plus and Pinterest?

hashtagsSocial Media has perhaps had more reformation than anything else, including the internet itself. Back in the days of Orkut and MySpace, it was much about finding and connecting with people out there. The social media of today though, has now become a world of its own. One of the most important features now is the live or real time search on social media. This was first introduced by Twitter in the form of the Hashtag. The Hashtag is a way of performing live search through unique algorithms that scan tweets and shares for hashtags present in them. This method has been adopted by many websites now, and looks like it’s growing in popularity. The Hashtag is an effective way of getting your tweets and shares noticed, and is a great social networking feature you can make use of. So are you using it effectively?

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Top 10 Tools To Monitor Your Business Buzz

Business BuzzAny business, be it large or small, is established while keeping its customers (or audience) in mind. And a marketing strategy is built upon the customers’ needs, and adjustments are made according to the feedback received. Hence, it is extremely important for businesses, especially startups, to heed their customers, and get an insight into what they think or do about products. In the online world, this is called buzz, which is mostly generated through referrals, or word of mouth. So how can a business owner monitor the talk about his business? Here are some tools that could help.

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