How Much Money Has Lindsey Stirling Earned With YouTube?

Lindsey making money with youtubeIn the modern era, where the stage of social media is being ruled by the comedian and hard-core gaming review generators and the mushicians. One can only imagine how hard it can be to be famous for only their style of playing the music instrument. Consider YouTube, where most of the subscribed channels are of the lead pop singers and DJ’s, comedians and last but not the least of gamers who review on games. Lindsey Stirling, a YouTube sensation is a perfect example that fits the above mentioned description. She is an artist who never sings but loves to play with her violin. Few details about her rise to success and others are as followed!

A little background

Lindsey Stirling, aged 23, is a professional violinist who follows the hip-hop style while performing for her fans. Her love for music especially violin is more than anyone can even imagine. She is not only known for her mesmerizing skills with violin but she also performs like a ballerina on stage.

Lindsey Stirling net worth

Lindsey Sterling's net worth

Famous for her hip-hop music, the ballerina has gathered more than 1 billion views on her videos. According to various report, it is official that Lindsey Stirling earns an astounding $6 million per year. The number of subscribers on her channel are more than 7 million and these number are always on a rise.

Lindsey and America’s Got Talent

Before Lindsey could take over the world with her mesmerizing instrumental skills, she went for the auditions of the 5th season of the famous show ‘America’s Got Talent’. She earned a lot of appraise from all the judges at the auditions but later was slammed by the judges at the quarter-final stage. All the three highly recognizable judges told her that she was not good to be crowned with the title of America’s Got Talent. One of the judges, who was critical to her performance was Piers Morgan.

Story after America’s Got Talent

Lindsey Sterling

Lindsey knew that the talent she possessed was not an ordinary talent. After the elimination from the quarter-final stage of the prestigious show, America’s Got Talent, Lindsey then started to work with the cinematographer Devin Graham. The two then teamed up and made huge ripples on the global stage by the help of YouTube.

Her success story

The major reason for her success is how Lindsey connects with her fans. She loves to take time out of her busy schedule and replies to her fans questions and tries to fulfill their desire to play violin on some famous songs. Not only is Lindsey an international icon who performs on various global stages but she also performs on various tours to major cities of the world. Her most famous solo is the ‘Crystallize’ which has over 147 million YouTube views.

The story would have surely motivated you to cash your talent on social media and enjoy getting fame, popularity and money all together!

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