Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Ads in 2013

youtube ad leaderboardI hate ads. You hate ads. Almost everybody hates ads, except for manybe the people who make ads. Hell, even they might not like them. The point being that most of the times, you probably wait impatiently for the Skip button whenever an advertisment loads up in a YouTube video, or maybe curse inwardly (I’m just saying :P). But sometimes, some ads really click, so to speak. I wouldn’t watch a majority of ads, but I wouldn’t skip a really good one either. And as it turns out, there are many other people like me who wouldn’t skip a good ad, as indicated by Google’s report on the top 10 best performing YouTube ads in 2013.

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5 Alternatives to YouTube Where It Is Banned!

youtube alternatives 2012It was recently seen that due to the upload of anti-Islamic Movie, The Innocence of The Muslims, Many Muslim Countries banned YouTube, along with some other Google Services in the country. Although appeals were made initially to the Google team for the removal of such clips but the team was reluctant to do so, resulting in 20,000 IPs been blocked in countries, including Pakistan.

It has been a more than a month now that the countries have not removed their ban from YouTube, giving a serious situation to the owners of this Largest Video Sharing Website. However, it is true to state that it is not only the West which is suffering; in fact the locals of these Muslim countries are deprived of one of the most useful services on net. While Students find no way out to find the examples and tutorials for their problems, people of all ages and all domains are suffering in a way or so. It is to quote here that YouTube is the Largest Video Sharing and Uploading site with an alexa ranking of 3. Imagine!

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American Idol 11 Winner- Phillips or Sanchez?

AMERICAN IDOL: Logo 2009. CR: FOXThe American Idol (season 11) is now finally on its end. The journey has had been able to grab a large audience all over the world. the results are going to be announced any second and here are we, with you to cool down the tensed air that has forced the American Idol fan Followers across the world. The competition is about to get over declaring a winner out of the two finalists, the Graceful Jessica Sanchez and the dashing Phillip Phillips. The results are going to be announced this night any minute on FOX.

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10 Tips To Increase YouTube Views & Make More Money

Guest Post By: Syed Faizan Ali, a Young Teenage who owns a technology blog at Inspired from MyBloggerTricks

increase-youtube-viewsYouTube is always been a spicy topic for every user as it’s the only online video broadcasting service which is vastly used by users all round the world. It’s the only video broadcasting website which is ranked among the top 10 websites of the world Dailymotion and Metacafe are also in the race but they are way behind of YouTube. There are Tons and millions of videos on almost every topic so if you upload a video on YouTube there are very high chance that your video might not generate the views as you are expecting. It’s becoming very difficult to generate traffic for your videos on YouTube until you don’t have good list of subscribers or you have the ability to create new unique videos. The biggest reason why you are not pulling traffic from YouTube is due to the lack of guidance. After reading today’s post I am sure you will not only improve your YouTube Video views but you will also able to generate revenue from YouTube.

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