10 Reasons behind Success and Fame of Sweden’s PewDiePie

sem-10-reasons-behind-pewdiepies-success-and-famePewDiePie is very well known among all the gamers. He is one of the biggest YouTube sensations and one of the most subscribed users of YouTube. The huge impact he has made in a few years time clearly depicts the power of internet, rapidly changing technologies and unique online money making trends. You just need an out-of-box idea and a will to go on no matter what to create your online money making business.

Let’s have a look at the secrets of PewDiePie’s success and fame across the globe!

PewDiePie – one of the biggest YouTube sensations


PewDiePie is a Swedish web-based comedian and a video producer who was born on 24th October 1898 in Gothenburg, Sweden. His real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. He is a drop out of Chalmers University of Technology since he left his industrial economics and technology management degree to focus completely on his previously registered YouTube channel as PewDiePie in 2010.

PewDiePie’s Success

He became very popular for his Let’s Play commentaries and vlos on YouTube. By 2012, his channel gained over a million subscribers and by 2013, he was the most subscribed user on YouTube which was a big achievement since he surpassed singer Rihanna’s Vego account. As of 2014, his channel is the most viewed channels of all times. In 2016, he also made it to the Times’ list of ‘The World’s 100 Most Influential People’.

Ten Reasons behind his Fame and Success

1) PewDiePie simpy loves games! He has a wide variety of games ranging from horror to adventure to something you don’t even know exists. He loves getting into all sorts of games and makes videos and shares all that he knows of those games.

2) Fridays with PewDie – is a major source of his stardom. He asks people for their reviews and suggestions on Twitter and Facebook for these funny clips. Pewds never minds becoming a laughing stalk just for making his fans laugh. He gets into various funny characters to make all his friends go crazy over him!


3) People are in love with his accent. He has a heavy Swedish accent which makes some of the words sound a bit different yet comical. Also, when he suddenly asks: ‘How do you say that in English?’; that makes his fans drool over him.

4) He makes money, win hearts and gain popularity but he keeps the charity going along as well. PewDiePie donates to WWF, Charity: Water and lots more. He has even started a charity program to contribute $1 per 500 views and has donated around $10,000 that way!

5) PewDiePie and his Italian girlfriend, Marzia Bisognin, are truly adorable together! She is also a YouTube personality. Whenever they have videos together, they never fail to entertain their fans. Their boyfriend versus girlfriend videos are a must watch!

6) He is a YouTube trend setter. Before him, no one bothered about playing Slender: The Eight Pages. He was the first one to begin and now there are numerous videos about it. He is also the reason behind some games popularity and success such as Amnesia and Happy Wheels. Since he started playing, people also ran after such games.

7) PewDiePie is very interactive and keeps his fan base constantly involved and engaged in himself. He refers to them as his ‘Bro Army’ and individual fans as ‘Bros’. This creates a special bond between him and his fans and they love him more and more.

8) Brofist – his superb invention! Brofist has become his trademark. His fans simply love it when at the end of his videos he says: ‘Stay Awesome Bros, Bye!’ with a brofist. That makes his fans’ day more awesome!


9) He makes hilarious faces in his videos while playing games. PewDiePie has some amazing expressions for various emotions such as horror, happiness, anger and lots more. Whether it is frustration or joy, he makes great faces which makes everyone laugh out loud.

10) He keeps updated and connected; posts videos almost daily and keeps everyone engaged. Also, he has thousands of videos for his fans and you just cannot get bored of PewDiePie. He rarely takes a break off YouTube.

That’s all from PewDiePie for now! Stay connected!

Stay blessed!

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