6 Time Management Tools For Writers

time management tools for writersIf you’re a writer, you understand all too well the battle that occurs daily for us. Taking back our precious time spent browsing other tabs, daydreaming, and more, is crucial to completing our writing tasks on time and with superb quality service. For writers, there’s never been a better time to be alive, as the internet is full of apps and services to help you manage your time better. Here are six time tracking apps for writers. 

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Best A-Z Content Writing Strategies for Bloggers In 2019

Content Writing Strategies for BloggersBlogging is a passion of most of the online workers. The nature of work is simple and effective and through blogging people earn good amount of money as well. If you are a blogger and thinking about staring your own web page an A to Z list of content writing strategies are a must for you. The best A to Z  Content Writing Strategies in 2019 are as followed!

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How Much Revenue Blogging Generates For America?


How Much Revenue Blogging Generates For AmericaIn a state like America, one can easily find the reasons to stay and get settled in order to achieve the accomplishments of the goals of lives. When people call it a ‘land of opportunities’, they are never wrong or mistaken. This country proves to be one with respect to all the major factors that combine to make it the super power of the world. All the emerging trends of the world tend to start from here and then appears on the map of the world.

With one of the most stable and growing economy, USA shows up to be the best in the world in almost every field or market of the world. Let us just pick up the new trend of online jobs in which blogging beats all the other ones smartly. Blogging has become a profession of USA that has been growing largely among the youth and adults to earn money or impart their knowledge or stance.

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10 Myths About Launching a Blog

10 Myths About Launching a BlogThe trend of entrepreneurship in youth has gathered a large number of bloggers to launch their blogs as a startup. Nobody wants to sit idle at home and spend their hours going in vain. No idea better than launching a blog can possibly be implemented in this regard. But it comes along with conventions and myths to work on it.

Here are some myths about launching a blog that you should not give an ear to.

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Why Pro-Bloggers Lie About their income Reports?

Why Pro-Bloggers Lie About their income ReportsThese days when the online earning mechanism is on its peak and the id3ea is widely cashed by a lot of opportunists all over the world,  Blogging Remains the best way of making money online. If you have gone through the list of top 10 most earning bloggers, you would find that they are actually earning much more than an employee who works 9 hours a day and yet not able to make up to that of amount that the professional bloggers make all the way from their living room. Though, the numbers that they share online are fascinating to attract the readers. The reality is a bit different from what is apparently to shown the followers.

 Here is a bit of a reality that you must know in case you are planning to turn yourself into a blogger with a dream to earn similar to the pro-bloggers who fake about their income reports.

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6 Smart Strategies To Decrease Bounce Rate Of Your Site


how-to-reduce-bounce-rateBounce rate is the percentage of your site visitors who leave your site after viewing only one page. Having an extremely high bounce rate means your site visitors hardly navigate more than one page of your site.

Following are the six smart strategies that you should use to keep your visitors on your pages longer. These strategies will help you to decrease bounce rate of your website. 

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7 Things Every Blog Should Have


7-Things-Every-Blog-Should-HaveThe web is full of websites and blogs. In order to outshine in this competitive online business world you need a reader-friendly blog. Whether you have a business blog or a personal blog, you should have functionalities that actually help your visitors.

This post will help you to throw out Bells and whistles, and will make you actually focus on things that really matter the most. From thorough About page to testimonials, here are the 7 things every blog should have. 

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Help Forum For Bloggers To Learn Blogging From Scratch

Help Forum For Bloggers To Learn Blogging

The tremendously growing IT industry in 20th century has caught its root to such a large extent that every single soul in some regard has been indulged with any of its branches. Professional or non-professional, one can easily get through different categories related to networking, blogging, web designing, graphics and a lot more under this area. The world of online market has got some charismatic charm that attracts people’s attention to learn and sharpen their skills in this perspective.

If you are one of the keen people who are now planning to launch themselves as an online identity but yet not aware of the tips and procedures, a help forum for bloggers to learn blogging from scratch is the most interesting and helping tool now available online. Before going in further detail, first lets know what help forums are all about!

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Ten Portable Devices For Bloggers In 2014

Toshiba-Canvio-Slim-II.jpgTo own blogging as your primary business basically is an all time commitment where you are required to show your presence in the online domain without any interval. If you are planning to give a boost to your blogging career,  you need to give a look to the following tools tht can really ease out your blogging routine.

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Top Ten Worst Money Making Blogs In 2014

Article-Writing.jpgOnline Money making Business has reached new heights nowadays. And among all of them is Blogging. It can be really difficult for you to get your hands on good blogging websites that can actually help you in making good money  as choosing a wrong website can ruin your idea of making money. In short,  It is very hard to get to know that which blogging site is worst for your online money making career. We have a list of the ten worst money making blogs in 2014. Let’s have a look!