12 Logical Reasons Why Facebook Bought Instagram for $1 Billion

Why facebook bought instagram

Why facebook bought instagramIf you are a Facebook User and You are keen to know what forced the Giant Facebook to invest $1 Billion in getting its hands on Instagram, you are at the right place because, even we had been working hard to actually settle down with a piece of research behind this. Oh yes, for those who do not yet know the big news of the Social Media Market, Facebook has actually acquired Instagram App for $1 Billion. Having been talk much about the news itself, here are some of the actual Logical reasons that are behind this big deal. Have a look!

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5 Useful Facebook Features You Might Have Missed

5 useful Facebook featuresLast year, Facebook released Nearby Friends which tells you where you friend’s location is, and recently, Facebook is letting you make payments through Facebook Messenger. But did you know that Facebook keeps an archive of everything you have ever put on the social network, even stuff you’ve deleted before? Would you like to get a copy of this back?

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Why Facebook Will End in 2014

Why Facebook will end 2014Oh do not take it wrong! Facebook is no way ending in near future probably because of its strong essence in the world of social media. However, there has been seen a noticeable decrease in the number of Facebook users since the start of 2013 and the decrease is yet not be able to get stable. There are some strong predictions given by social media analysts who treat the future of Facebook really unpredictable.

Taking a keener notice of all realistic reasons why something as big as Facebook might reach its end, here are some of the reasons as per our observation which might take Facebook to its end in 2014. Have a look!

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Why Facebook Mobile-App Use Increased 115% in 2013?

Why facebook mobile-app use increased in 2013Facebook Inc. is one of those self-made companies which have enjoyed the best of their lucks initially in their career but when it comes to the progress report of Facebook only, the statistics show a huge variation in terms of no. of users and its overall popularity.

Now that the year 2013 has bid us a final goodbye, it seems interesting to see that this year only has increased the use of Facebook mobile app up to 115% as compared to its utilization back in 2012. Big Social media sites are busy cracking this news and here we are with some decent reasons that why Facebook Mobile-App Use Increased 115% in 2013 actually.

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What Stopped Snapchat from Selling itself to Facebook?

What Stopped Snapchat from selling itself to FacebookFacebook comes with a new business surprise each year. Whether it be the great Facebook graph search or be its Instagram deal, Facebook seems to know what move would bring it a considerable profit. If you have been finding about the social media updates last December, you might have heard about the offer as high as $3 Billions, which was given by Facebook to Snapchat developers lately. If you have missed it somehow, here is even a cherry on the cake, snapchat refused the offer for reasons quite justified.

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Will Twitter defeat Facebook in 2014?

Will Twitter defeat Facebook in 2014This is certainly the biggest question of 2014 where one finds himself completely confused about the status of the two mentioned social media sites and their future. Social Media is the most powerful and impactful word being used in Today’s Era. The way people interact has been drastically changed by the two most widely used tools “Twitter” and “Facebook”. These are the tools through which people portray their lives in front of others. Both the social networking sites are different in many ways but the experts keep comparing them.

However, the answer to this question is” Yes” and “No” both. So let us see where is it Yes? and where is it No?

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How to Edit Facebook Status Updates in 3 steps?

edit facebook statusesFacebook is no doubt the most used online platform which, regardless of all its minute flaws, enjoys more than a billion of users worldwide. What can be taken as its success secret is the fact that the team is continuously progressing, taking a deeper look on the issues that the users often come across.

If you are an active Facebook User and post your statuses, stories, happenings and notes consistently, here is good news for you. With the latest feature introduced by the Facebook team, you can now edit Facebook Status Updates without deleting the entire post and reposting it all over again.

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Top 10 Countries with Most Facebook Users in 2013

facebook users 2013Facebook is no doubt, the most visited online platform and the fact remains pretty same for all the countries that exist on earth. It is certainly exciting to know that out of so many countries in the world, the below stated 10 countries contribute the largest in the revenue generation of Facebook by providing maximum number of facebook users in 2013!

Have a look!

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How Facebook Uses your Personal Pictures in Ads?

How Facebook Uses your Personal Pictures in AdsFacebook is growing each day and so are the risks that your social existence is no more a private affair. Facebook, as a part of its progress strategy has rephrased its “Statement of Rights and Responsibilities” policy at the end of August where the team has proclaimed at cut that all the content and information which the user shares on Facebook is a Facebook property, which the team can use as per the requirement of the idea of globalizing the social media and bringing the world at a point-Facebook.

It was Facebook graph search previously where we discussed how all your private data, say your whereabouts, your check-in details are been shared by friends and friends of friends, and most alarming news here is that your profile photo also appears with the Ads which Facebook shows.

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4 Instagram Critical Threats to User Privacy!

Instagram Critical Threats TO USER PRIVACYIt would take ages if we start discussing the pros and cons of how technology is affecting the world and lives of individuals in general but the debate won’t get settled anywhere. These days when the social networking has turned into the prime medium under the slogan of keeping world connected, what naïve users are encountering every second is a threat to privacy which is getting harder day by day to maintain if you are into online sharing world.

We have been sharing much about the online photo sharing website Instagram with you all and have also shared a great deal on how the tool can be used a business generating platform, but here we are again with all our concern towards our precious readers’ privacy and security.

Here are 4 Instagram critical threats to user privacy, read them carefully!

Photos Which Bring Real Business on Instagram

Photos Which Bring Real Business on InstagramInstagram is really a cool platform to choose if you are looking forward to some decent business by cashing your photography as a talent. Like any other online business, the revenue you are able to generate is directly related to the niche and your policies that you choose as a businessman. Being specific about Instagram, the returns can be really great if you know which domain of photography is attracting most of the followers, after all, the more followers you will have, the better you can plan your business strategies.

Here are some types of photos which bring real business on Instagram, so if you haven’t enjoyed Instagram till now, it is time to try some of the following stated domains in photography.

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