Will Twitter defeat Facebook in 2014?

Will Twitter defeat Facebook in 2014This is certainly the biggest question of 2014 where one finds himself completely confused about the status of the two mentioned social media sites and their future. Social Media is the most powerful and impactful word being used in Today’s Era. The way people interact has been drastically changed by the two most widely used tools “Twitter” and “Facebook”. These are the tools through which people portray their lives in front of others. Both the social networking sites are different in many ways but the experts keep comparing them.

However, the answer to this question is” Yes” and “No” both. So let us see where is it Yes? and where is it No?

In terms of Usage

Some 73% of online adults now use a social networking site of some kind.Facebook is the dominant social networking platform in the number of users.Some 71% of online adults are now Facebook users, a slight increase from the 67% of online adults who used Facebook as of late 2012.

While Facebook is popular across a diverse mix of demographic groups, other sites have developed their own unique demographic user profiles.Twitter and Instagram have particular appeal to younger adults, urban dwellers, and non-whites.

Facebook and Instagram exhibit especially high levels of user engagement: A majority of users on these sites check in to them on a daily basis.

In terms of Business

In terms of business and online marketing, Businessmen can advertise their products using pictures and videos on Facebook with ease. Creating pages of the company and posting the pictures of products and then providing the link to purchase that online has brought millions to businessmen.

On twitter they can tweet the link to the product. The tweet is labeled as promoted.  That’s all!

When talking about in terms of Marketing, twitter is predicted to defeat Facebook in 2014 with its initiative of providing offline access to populations in promising lands (BRIC countries) where data access is not readily available, via an agreement with Singaporean startup U2opia Mobile and Swiss company Myriad Group. It has been reported that 8 out of 10 people in Emerging markets do not have access to Internet on their mobile phones. Those are huge markets untapped. Users won’t need to log on to Twitter or even have an account to get access to trending topics and tweets.

Whatever are the strategies, whoever will win, no matter what, investing in the Social Media is a must thing to do in 2014 because Social Media has turned small enterprises to larger ones.

In terms of Privacy

When it comes to Privacy I personally hate Facebook. Its getting more prone to threats in recent times. Also Facebook has been involved in several controversies, particularly involving privacy concerns. Facebook prevented users from permanently deleting their accounts until 2010 and has been criticized for changing user’s privacy settings, making more information publically visible. The site has been repeatedly criticized for removing photos uploaded by breastfeeding mothers and deleting their accounts. Because of such Privacy concerns, Facebook is losing its popularity among US adults. In the past, Facebook had been blocked in some countries like Pakistan and China.

As far as Twitter is concerned, It has not been involved in any major controversies itself, but the site has been the focus of several legal cases recently. In July 2012, a British teenager was arrested after sending abusive tweets to Olympic diver Tom Daley, and earlier in 2012, a student was jailed for inciting racial hatred after tweeting abuse at Fabrice Muamba.

Some Interesting Differences

Twitter is the home of microblogging and Facebook is the Social Network that Inspired “The Social Network”

Twitter has been likened to a giant party where you know no one but wish to make many friends. In contrast, Facebook would be a wedding reception filled with family and friends.

Twitter does provide picture and video solutions to compete for social media traffic, they’re collapsed within the timeline. The site functions like a popup book, giving you efficient access to the information you want, the way you want. Rather than bombarding you with pictures and videos of meals and babies, you have the option to click only on links that look interesting to you. Scrolling is much faster, and user satisfaction is maximized.

Therefore, all in all, Facebook Is a PC, Twitter Is a Mac, this means, Facebook Is a Chore, Twitter is more like a Hobby.

Which social media are you using?

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