How Businesses Can Benefit From Twitter’s ‘While You Were Away’ Feature?

Twitter 'While You Were Away'

Twitter has become an increasingly powerful marketing tool. Now, with the introduction of a new ‘While you were away” feature, it hopes to become something big. Businesses have had a love/hate relationship with Twitter since its birth. It can be a tremendous communication tool, of course, but it seemed to only be of true benefit for big companies. Local businesses outside of real-time floaters had a hard time generating a true return on investment. With this new feature however, Twitter aims to change that.

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Will Twitter defeat Facebook in 2014?

Will Twitter defeat Facebook in 2014This is certainly the biggest question of 2014 where one finds himself completely confused about the status of the two mentioned social media sites and their future. Social Media is the most powerful and impactful word being used in Today’s Era. The way people interact has been drastically changed by the two most widely used tools “Twitter” and “Facebook”. These are the tools through which people portray their lives in front of others. Both the social networking sites are different in many ways but the experts keep comparing them.

However, the answer to this question is” Yes” and “No” both. So let us see where is it Yes? and where is it No?

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How to Make Multiple Timelines on Twitter?

No more exploring the entire Twitter to follow your favorite TV show to collect the best tweets! You can now custom the timelines, allowing people to find the latest information, tweets and pieces of favorites about fast moving real- time situations or their favorite TV shows- are just few of the manipulated words of Brian Ellin, the product manager for the twitter platform. Mentioning clearly the intention of an exciting move, launched couple of days ago, that puts the newly Public company straightaway in Storify’s territory.

22 Memorable Tweets for Royal Baby of Cambridge

memorable tweets for Royal Baby of CambridgePrince William and Kate Middleton are now celebrating the new status in their lives proudly as they have recently became parents of the future king of Britain. We did share a detailed news about the birth of the royal baby and it seems nothing unusual that the world is delighted with the news. Immediately after the news of birth, Royal family’s relatives, friends and followers started giving their wishes on the arrival of the new member.

Here are 22 most memorable tweets for Royal Baby of Cambridge . Have a look!

Top 10 Most Popular Celebrities on Twitter in 2013

10 most popular people on Twitter Twitter is the most popular social network after Facebook and perhaps Google Plus. The user base has crossed over half a billion and is growing at a rapid rate. Twitter is the one-stop location for famous celebrities for interacting with their fans and is also somehow preferred over Facebook for that purpose. Known unofficially as “SMS of the internet”, Twitter gets over 350 million tweets and over 1.6 billion search queries per day. Almost all of the known celebrities have their Twitter pages which helps them to keep up with their fans in an efficient manner. Let’s take a look at the most popular people on Twitter based on the number of followers

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10 ways to get more business on Twitter!

online-make-money-with-twitterSocial media can do wonders for you if you know how to cash this online platform to get work for yourself. We have been talking about Facebook, being the primary source when it comes to social media, however, what many of you might not know is the fact that even twitter is a decent choice to get a hold of opportunities to enhance your earnings. It is to be noted that due to the real-world constraints and difficult job situations in the market, finding a relevant job that lets you utilize your talent is something hard to find.

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5 Tips to find Freelance Clients on Twitter!

freelance clients at twitterSocial media can be used as one of the strongest weapons against being unemployed and attract potential clients by promoting your talent on the social networking sites. It is to be corrected that though Facebook is the largest and the most popular social media site, the world doesn’t ends there.In fact, looking it the other way, you would find that Facebook is getting over populated, saturating the job markets for you. What you need to know is, even Twitter is a good option for finding clients for your freelance career.

Here are 5 Basic tips you need to follow in order to give a proper shape to your online image in the world of Twitter!

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One Golden Tweet to Receive $20,000 in Student Debt Relief

facebook debt free programThis is the day we all been waiting for, yes finally Graduation is here, but still you are not feeling freedom, though you passed your every module and finally no more books but now you must be definitely thinking ways to organize a cheap party, because you are already drown in the debt and you cannot afford to spend extra. This is a common issue that starts to heat up and is giving you hypertension and heart attacks, once you done with your graduation, and then when it comes to pay bills you say, “I wish I would have use cash rather than credit”. You would be delighted to know that you can now start dreaming for a debt free life.

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9 Most Happening Twitter Moves in 2012

twitter happenings in 2012Twitter was certainly not what it is now last year. 2012 has turned really great specially for the online media and Twitter has been able to produce some interesting stories this year. The year is about to reach its end, opening doors for 2013 which would start with new stories, new controversies and new hits. To pay a farewell to our first year with our readers, here are 9 best stories of Twitter that attracted the twitter users significantly.

50 most fascinating social media statistics & figures in 2012

social-media2012 is now reaching to its end. The year was all a mixture of ups and downs where we saw one social media loosing its subscribers, while the other taking off the market. Social Media has turned into the most gigantic network in the world, providing the owners a great deal of business, and also a huge platform for the users to keep themselves connected with their friends and family. Let us get a glimpse of the most fascinating moves in terms of statistics and figures that attracted a good audience in the year 2012.

8 Most Important Social Media Updates of 2012

social media updates in 2012It feels great to turn back the pages of time and review the memories by the end of every year. Our lives are now all connected with the social networking sites, whether personally or professionally, we now depend largely on the social media. 2012 is now finally coming to an end. December is upon us and with that; the journey of Smart Earning Methods is reaching its first anniversary. Throughout this journey, we have been highlighting all the important updates that were related to any niche, related to the online money making business, where Social media was one of the top listed. Time is running too fast, it seems recent that Facebook came up with cover photos, twitter with some new ways to tweet and lot more. Here are the best-and-most important updates that have contributed in improving the services for the users.

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7 NOT to do Things on Twitter

Interestingly, a number of social media specialist often focus their zest talks on what to do on Twitter. Too bad, they fail to spot out on the significant things you shouldn’t be doing on Twitter. You need to be extra careful, especially when you are seeking opportunities to get a boost in your online business by utilizing these social networking sites.

Here’s my catch on the 7 things you should NOT do on Twitter.

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