Why You Should Not Use Fiverr In 2016

For all fiverr users, here comes a news. Why You Should Not Use FiverrFiverr in 2016, may not serve as it used to so any hopes with it, might  hurt hopes.Fiverr is one of popular website of today’s life and therefore is currently being used by many people to post gigs and services they are willing to complete. At the end of completion of these gigs, the individual gets paid five dollar which they further can withdraw from PayPal. But, a lot of people are facing challenges using Fiverr and are highlighting many of its drawbacks on a daily basis. Some of the main reasons why one should stop using Fiverr in 2016 are as followed!

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Why Freelancing Is Better Than Blogging In 2016

Why Freelancing Is Better Than BloggingEver thought why   Freelancing Is Better Than Blogging? Bloggers are freelance writers but most of the freelance writers are not bloggers and therefore there are many differences, pros and cons of both expressions. Freelancing is one of the simplest ways to earn good sum of money online but the person must have very good writing and transcription skills. Blogging on the other hand requires more complicated skills and management abilities which make it hard for bloggers to find them a suitable job. Freelancing is better than blogging in 2016 due to a number of reasons. These reasons Why Freelancing Is Better Than Blogging In 2016 are as shared below.

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Top Most Profitable Freelance Jobs to Do Online In 2016

Top Ten Most Profitable Freelance Jobs to Do Online In 2016.jpjIt was not long ago that finding good freelancing jobs was far from being profitable or rewarding and it was really hard for people to differentiate between an opportunity and a scam. But, with the advancement of internet, hundreds of different careers are available online which are profitable as well as legitimate. Certain improvements have been made in technology and due to sudden rise of social media; it is now possible for people to make good living from the comfort of their own houses. Top ten most profitable freelancing jobs to do online in 2016 are:

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Top Ten Countries with Maximum Freelancers In 2016

Countries with Maximum Freelancers In 2016Freelancing is one of the simplest methods of earning good money from the comfort of home. A lot of people these days are applying for online freelancing jobs because it is easy for them give good salary and is never as hard as any other typical job. Many countries offer very good pay rate to online workers and are currently competing against generating new freelancing content writers, web developers and web designers. Top ten countries with maximum freelancers in 2016 are as followed!

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9 Underused Time Management Strategies For Serious Freelancers


Time-management-strategies-for-freelancersIf you are a freelancer you already would know how important time management is. You might fail to impress your clients with your work if you can’t meet a deadline.

As a freelancer time is one of your most valuable assets. With proper planning, prioritization and scheduling you can maximize your potential 10x as a freelancer. Read on to find out the 9 underused time management strategies for serious freelancers. 

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Top 10 Must-to-Do Things in a Freelance Business in 2014

Tips to remember in freelancing

If you are a freelancer and facing real failures in making money online, it is now time to think about your business strategies. While freelancing helps you to enjoy your livings with flexibility, there is always a risk involved. We have been discussing much about this domain and here we are again with the top 10 must-to-do things in a freelance business.

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30 New Ways to Give a Boost to Freelance Career in 2014

Rocket man

The struggle in freelancing is quite far from the competition of regular businesses. The word “freelancer” was first used to describe a “medieval mercenary warrior” to point out that that lancer does not work under any lord. An out-worker has to experience as much contenders as there are drops in the sea. We have been sharing much on Freelancing strategies with other readers and here are 30 ways you can stand out in the crowd as a freelancer in 2014.

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Why You Should NOT Turn into a Freelancer?

You Should NOT Turn into a FreelancerAlthough freelancing is one of the leading online businesses these days, there are a variety of ways in which it really does not suit few people at all. Besides the fact that there are about 2 billion people who are earning in some way or the other through cashing their talent with freelancing, there are people who have now hold their ground and have left freelancing for reasons we will be sharing in a while.

We have been sharing a great deal of tips and tricks, the dos’ and don’ts with our readers and here we are with all you need to know about why you should not turn into a freelancer. So in case you all planning to start your freelancing career, here is what you need to read.

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5 Delicious Tips to Find Freelance Clients on Facebook

find freelance clients on facebookFreelancing can be a real interesting business if you know how to market yourself as a capable freelancer, who is all ready to take more contracts and get them done in the best manner possible. Unlike any other real-world job, freelancing demands much of your consistency and devotion as requires you to plan your strategies so that you keep a hold on a good amount of projects before you are done with the current one. In a freelance business, where you enjoy being your own boss, you need to be good in multitasking where at one end you should concentrate on the skills you market yourself for, while on the other hand, you should know how to market yourself actually.

Thanks to social media, the world seems to converge at a single point which we know as Facebook. Being the largest social media website, Facebook can be great help for freelancers like you and me who are all set to adopt this profession as a career. It is a pity that half of the Facebook users hardly know about the power of social media and are not taking full advantage of this tool.

Here is something you need to know as a freelancer that you can actually find freelance clients on Facebook and enjoy consistent earnings by cashing your talent.

5 Brilliant Tips to Make Money With ezinearticles.com

tips to make money with ezinearticlesMaking money by writing articles online is a smart way to turn your writing skills into profitable cash all the way from your living room. If you are good at writing and have been doing some of the freelancing work lately, it is now time to make more money by making your own name in the field of writing. There are hundreds of good reputed sites that pay you significantly well for your write-ups but the most professional one in this case is ezinearticles.com. The paybacks are really great here but it is important to understand that despite of the ease it provides to its writers, the site is way to strict about the terms and conditions and a little negligence can cause you a loss of time and an entire article in worst cases.

Therefore, if you think you are capable of taking a challenge as an author and have enough of material to share, here are 5 worth following tips to make money with ezinearticles.com.

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How to Win Orders on Gigbucks?

How to win orders on gigbucks With the fast growing trend of working from home, there are so many money making alternatives online. From all such alternatives, Gigbucks is a very famous and easy to work with money making alternative for all the freelancers. Gigbucks is a website for job postings and freelancing. It provides an opportunity to people from all over the world to work on a single platform and provide services to clients at affordable rates. Gigbucks lets you join its online world without any registration fee and welcomes you with great zest and zeal. It opens up new doors for you to make a strong place yourself in the online working world.

To help facilitate our readers, we are sharing details about Gigbucks and how to work with it and make money.

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20 Questions Every Freelancer should ask his Client

questions freelancer should ask his clientDeclaring yourself as a freelancer on freelancing platforms requires you to know all the technicalities of this business and the basic norms that a freelancer should know before actually discussing a potential project with his clients. There are a hundred of questions every freelancer should ask his client before he starts working on the project allotted to him. Freelancers who do not play it safe by taking precautions initially suffer by the end of the day, losing clients forever. Here are 20 worth asking questions every freelancer should ask his client to ensure client satisfaction at all levels in the contract.

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