Top 15 World’s Highest-Paid YouTube Stars in 2016

Highest Paid YouTube starsThere are numerous ways to earn a living. A person can be a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer or a business. These are the most chosen option for a child who has just graduated from the high school. But ever since the revolutionary internet stormed into our worlds, we have taken full advantage of its features that it possesses. People are aware of the well-known site YouTube. There are a lot of people who are making thousands to millions of dollars. Here is a list of  Highest Paid YouTube stars who have left a huge impression on the global stage with the help of YouTube.


PewDiePie - highest paid youtube star

Originally named as Felix Kjellberg, stands first among the  Highest Paid YouTube stars. The Swedish international has around 40 million subscribers to his channel. With an estimated $12 million/year earnings this year, he sits on the top of the list.

The Fine Brothers

Rafi and Benny are two producers. Having a total subscription of 13 million on their channel the brothers have an earnings of $8.5 million.


Smosh - highest paid youtube star

Tied with the Fine Brothers, the comedian duo of Hecox and Padilla earn an astounding $8.5 million/ year. They have a following of 21 million subscribers and the numbers keep on growing every day.

Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Sterling

The ballerina who spreads her magic by playing a violin has a huge following of 7 million subscribers. According to a report, she will earn $6 million this year.

Rhett and Link

Rhett and Link

They are known by the names of Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln Neal III. These engineers’ tag-team comedians have an annual earnings of $4.5 million and a total of 3 million subscribers.

Olajide Olatunji

Owner of the channel ‘KSI’, the hip-hop rapper is a FIFA enthusiast. His wealth empire is of $4.5 million. His fan following makes him tie on the number 5 ranking with Rhett and Link and a following of 10 million subscribers.

Michelle Phan

How michelle phan earned with youtubeThe famous beautician had a tough start to her career as she was rejected by a few firms. She now has a wealth of $3 million through YouTube. And the number of subscribers on her channel are 8 million.

Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh - highest paid youtube star

The internet sensation recently landed a contract with the Collective Digital Studio network. She earns $2.5 million through YouTube and has 7 million subscribers. She controls the channel ‘Superwoman’ on YouTube.

Roman Atwood

Roman Atwood- highest paid youtube star

The prankster earns a total of $2.5 million and is tied on the 8th spot with Lilly Singh on the top earners list. 7 million subscribers follow the prankster on YouTube.

Rosana Pansino

Rosanna Pansino

This internet wizard is known for her cupcake baking skills. She earns $2.5 million and is tied on the 8th spot with Roman Atwood and Lilly Singh. Her enormous fan base comprises of 5 million subscribers.

Kan & Aki

Kan and Aki

The Japanese sisters, with the help of their parents hold the 11th spot according to the 2013 survey. They owned $3.2 million at that time.


According to the list of 2013, the Chilean entertainer has a 20 million subscribers and earned a $3 million yearly.


Famous for his Call of Duty reviews, the online gamer holds the 13th spot according to the list of 2013. At that time he earned $2.7 million.


Famous for his minecraft gaming skills. The Spanish international owned 2.59 million as per the list of 2013 high-earners from YouTube.


The duo of Jeana and Jesse hold the 14th spot on the list of 2013. According to the reports they earned $2.26 million at that time.

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