50 Ways to Improve your Website Business

make moeny with websiteWith the increasing awareness about the online earning strategies, people are getting inclined towards making money with their websites and blogs, however, there are only few who found themselves lucky enough to enjoy fruitful results. Your newly born site needs to be pampered and managed properly, following the correct guidelines and implementing the strategies that are prescribed the the professional bloggers.

After conducting a survey of the strategies that the pro-bloggers adopted and matching them with the success stories, here are some must-to-follow tips that a newbie must follow in order to earn with his blog.

note: The tips are divided into two parts in the series!

Enhance Your Online Business
Part I: 50 Ways to Improve your Website Business
Part II: 100 Tips to Increase your Website Earnings

1) Introduce your site

If you are a beginner and launching your site write a smooth introduction of your domain and must submit it to social bookmarking site like Digg.Reddit and Netscape. See 23 top Social Bookmarking sites for more great places to endure your content.

2) Sign up to social networking sites

Create an account to promote, boost and broadcast your blog or site, you can sign up to MySpace.

3) Concede your site

Find search engine friendly directories and submit your site for free, you can find great list on info Vilesilencer.

4) Create a group

Increase your social circle to publicize your site, make groups on Yahoo Group.

5) Edit your site

Highlight your site by bookmarking so you can easy access to it. You can bookmark it via Del.icio.us and if you are really interested add Del.icio.us button to your homepage.

6) Promote by writing

Write a review or article about your site and submit it to different article sites like MyezineArticles.com.

7) Endure your RSS feeds

Use FeedBurner, Feedboy or FeedBomb aggregator sites to submit your RSS feeds.

8) Survey

Generate an offline publication by conducting a survey.

9) claim your blog

Create a blog regarding your site, an account can be made via Technorati and claim your blog.

10) syndicate your site

Use RSS feeds to associate your site contents.

11) free offers

Offer free things on site this will help tracking and promote the traffic.

12) Ask your friends to visit

Log on to StumbleUpon and ask your friends to stumble your site.

13) Forget about ranking

Do not worry about the page ranking just play your part to keep it updated it will automatically drag the traffic and increase the rating after few months, do not expect too early.

14) create a cross road

Redirect the user to a somewhere nice if they encounter any error to the site and for that create custom 404page.

15) make your site faster

Buy hosts for your site so it help in increasing the speed of browsing on your site because people don’t like slow sites.

16) redirect traffic to your site

If somebody stuck somewhere divert their IP addresses to your www by setting up 301 redirect.

17) Market your link on other blogs

Post the link of your websites on multiple blogs to increase chances of access.

18)do not make it appear casual

Make sure it does not has spelling mistakes as nothing culd make it casual than spell errors.

19) carry out a test

Browse your site through different engines to make sure you/ can access it easily.

20) Advertise in your circle

Tell your friends about your site and blog this will help promoting it.

21) Send newsletter

Ask your friends to allow to receive their newsletters by this way they will never forget about your site.

22) Increase acquaintances

Tell your neighbor’s you never know what contacts they might be having.

23) Make money

Sell your program to other affiliated resources or if you are a publisher then help yourself and make money.

24) Easy contact

Make variable accounts on MS, Yahoo, Gmail or Skype and offer your users as many ways as you can to facilitate them to contact you.

25) Advertise your web

Make t-shirts, hats, showpieces having the signature of your site and make them people have it and wear it by hot girls, people will notice it more.

26)make free advertisements

Use Craigslist and other popular websites to advertise your site by posting the link to navigate on your page, It is free, relevant and localized.

27)make custom t-shirt

Wear t-shirt with your url print on it and gift such shirts to your friends to increase popularity.

28)submit your link at different sites

Post your link on DMOZ.org and let it stay post, do not remove it even after months or years, you will definitely see a positive response.

29)make it easy to search

Make XML site map of your site and submit on Google so next time when somebody navigate they can search it easily.

30)do not over garnish your site

It won’t look taste if you think you can add one more frame, it will simply make it look complicated, overcrowded and  will take time to load, which is not good for you.

31)put funny/exciting content to download

Offer mp3 downloadable contents.

32)send notifications

Publish monthly newsletter and send it to your subscribers and contacts to let them know what you are up to.

33)abide from java or Active X

Avoid cure technologies like java etc because they will make your site lazy.

34)post proper reference to what you post

If you post an add which you have seen on TV don’t forget to mention underneath “ As seen on TV”.

35)don’t be over confident

Always let the door of learning. Do not hesitate to go to seminars you may learn something new.

36)comment about your site

Find highly visited blogs and leave good quality and attractive comments about your site and do not forget to mention the link on the respective blog.

37)sponsor themes

Sponsor phpListDirectory template  or WordPress.

38)do not pay to advertise

If you think you can track traffic by paid advertisement then you are completely wrong and it is just waste of money.

39)make a smart move

Publish or write ebooks and give them away to people, which is a smart move to generate traffic.

40)launch a campaign

Use Google Video or You Tube to launch a viral campaign.

41)acquired sponsorships

Seeks for local sports teams, because they can provide you with highly effective sponsorship opportunities.

42)learn CSS

Learn new HTML like CSS that is a smart way to make your website look upgraded.

43)avoid W3C Standard

It will help your site to work effectively in long terms.

44)add to Wikipedia

Write about your site and contribute it to Wikipedia, it will help others to know about it more.

45)edit your homepage

If you have flash homepage make sure you have “skip intro” link.

46) showcase your site

Ask other bloggers and website owners to see your site this will publicize your site plus it will help you to make it perfect.

47)make a simple homepage

Make your homepage user friendly .

48)showcase in newspapers

Newspapers are eager to show what’s new, so do not hesitate to write an attractive intro and post it in your newspaper.

49)learn for more

Learn and improve, and keep updating your site, give it time, be honest to it and so become a leading authority on your chosen subject.

50)donate for charity

With your each online donation they will publish your URL on their site, this will help in advertisement.

Making money from your living room is surely a tough one especially on initial steps.However, following the above stated tips wisely, might help you out in establishing a business for yourself, which can reward you more than your expectations.

All for now, Do follow the second part of the series as it has some worth following ideas and strategies that would further aid you in your business.

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