Give a Life to Your Old Posts and Increase Your Page Ranks–Make More Money

mainIt’s a fact that with time, we forget a lot of things, good memories, bad memories and things we read. Now if you see from a blogger’s point of view, the articles that once turned out to be a very successful one slowly lose their charm with the passage of time. A good article is just like an asset for a blogger which he should always keep alive.

When you recycle your real gems, you actually increase your page Rank. While I was going through my hit posts, I was wondering how to keep them involve in my present and I found some great ways to grab some more popularity for my best shots. Being too devoted to my readers, I am here to share what I learnt to make more money and popularity with old posts that once did a huge business for you.

1. Update – re-share – enjoy!

update itSome of you might think that old posts hardly have any charm left to attract the readers, which is somehow true. Now you need to put in some efforts to add some happening ingredient to your old post and republish it, using creative headlines to drag a considerable traffic.

Done with it? Good enough now promote it on social media like tweeting and liking on twitter and Facebook.

2. Cross link your Posts

This is what I try to do most of the time. Make it a practice to link your old posts in your articles, which is never too difficult. The only thing you need to make sure that it’s a related topic. For example, if you wish to recycle an old post on “How to use make money by writing articles for Blogs”, then perhaps you could write a new post on “How to increase the blog page Rank by writing Articles” and place a link to the initial post. This will lower website’s bounce rate.

3. Use Related post below post:

You must have seen a “related post” widget on good sites isn’t it? What is it for? It actually promotes old blogs that are actually related to the published post. Just like ours, if you own a multi-author blog you can also consider adding more posts via author widget after post, which is again helpful to get more views on old posts.

4. Use Slideshows

Slideshows have always been eye- catching for the visitors. Think about a slide show widget placed at the sidebar which prompts about some great and the popular old posts. There are loads of free and easy to use sideshow applications like Flickr Slideshow. You can also highlight your hottest old posts under the heading “Most Read” or “Most Popular for 2012”. Don’t forget to link them.

5. Write a Response Post

Along with time, the reliability of the old articles which were once on the top list can decrease or change completely. You can then plan something to write in response to those posts. You can define the new updates, talk about the changes and highlight the significance of things by referring to your post

linking old posts

No one can deny the “old is gold” strategy and you should make a use of your best pieces because things that did business for your yesterday can always bring more for you tomorrow if and only if, you know what, where and how to bring effective changes.

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    • Hie Franklin,
      linking your posts is not simply limited to one or two tips but it totally depends on you, how creative you are. it would be same like if i ask you some tips about how to enjoy a picnic. the point is you need to sound reasonable when linking your old posts. for example, linking my post on jews in a post that talks about SEO techniques will certainly make no sense. play with the tactic, you will get so much of yourself. its an exploring process!

      Good day

  1. Hi, I just came through search engine about your post. It’s really well written to develop the page rank of any website. thanks for sharing such good tips!

  2. Hello,
    I was wondering if you know whether there is a way to actually repost an old post as is (including people’s comments on the old post) on Facebook.


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