15 Major Differences between a Blog and Website

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These days the words such as a ‘website’ and a ‘blog’ are not new for people with even a minimal access to internet so I do not need to give and intro for these terms to you all. Blogs and websites are the main source of attraction for the viewers and customers. They are the first step towards betterment in your business.

As saying goes:

‘All apples are fruits but not all fruits are apples.’


‘All blogs are websites but not all websites are blogs.’

However, what some of you might not be aware of is the major difference between the two and how these two make a difference to the global world with their presence. Let me put some light to the major differences between a blog and a website. Check out what we have in store for you today!

1) The literal meanings of the two

According to Wikipedia,

A website is a collection of related web pages, including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server. While a blog (a truncation of the expression weblog) is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (“posts”).

2) Regular content refreshment

A website’s content remains same for most of its lifetime. The website always lands its users to the homepage where the content remains static. It is rarely updated with only slight changes in the information provided or with respect to the changes in business. The web content gives an overview of the business and the products and services offered by it. However, a blog has majorly gained popularity because of the frequent change in its content which is the main attraction for the viewers and it helps in retaining the people. The blog posts, such as the one you are currently reading, are being added on a regular basis with a few days or hours interval which keeps the user well-informed and updated.

 3) Appropriate for business

When the question arises about which one is more professional and appropriate for business then the website takes the lead! The content and display is far more professional and formal and fulfills all the business requirements. The language used is quite proficient and most of the businessmen focus more on launching a website even before setting up real grounds for their business. While, a blog has an informal tone which is generally used for describing latest tech and fashion trends, tutorials about the new tech and various courses and games with everything explained using a simpler language and pictures.

4) The Order of Content

As I mentioned earlier, a blog is a collection of weblogs which are arranged in a chronological order. Every post that is posted gets the top most places on the main page with respect to the date. There are over 10 to 15 blog posts on the main page. The most recent ones get the most readerships. However, when we talk about the website, the content remains static so there is no need to worry about the constant renewal of content or its placement. Everything stays the same as it was on day one except for the minute changes according to the changes in business.

 5) Communication between the author and reader

Websites do not entertain any interaction or communication with the reader. It has no commenting policy and zero level of relationships between the two parties as compared to blogs. It is very difficult to build a relationship with your potential customer as they will hardly come back to the website if they have found their desired product or details. However, blogs are very well known for their interaction and the option of commenting. The viewers can comment on each and every post and build up relationship with the author and follow them on various platforms. Blogs are far more interactive and engaging than the websites!

 6) About what they offer

Websites provide a whole collection of products and services. You can look up any product, their availability, delivery, online orders, services and what not using the website. On the other hand, blogs deal with a wide range of topics from fashion, travel, food and religion to customer and industry related issues. They provide interaction hence tutorials and other educational purposes are served best by the blogs. Blog covers a wide variety of interesting and useful topics!

 7) Frequently searched

These days, blogs are preferred more as compared to websites as the search engines crawl the blog more frequently. The blog post and content is updated daily and at times, many times a day therefore the blog is crawled couple of times in a day in search of new content which generates great revenue and increases the number of readers. On the contrary, websites aren’t searched or browsed as frequently.

8) Online buying and selling

Blogs are a completely wrong choice for buying and selling products! They are not at all for advertising and selling stuff. You will probably lose your potential and existing customers and won’t even get the expected results since people don’t buy anything from people they don’t trust or they are unaware of. You need to build a name and relationship before doing so. For this purpose, website comes to your rescue! Websites are considered a lot more professional and trustworthy for such needs.

9) Sound technical knowledge

When you decide on starting up your own blog, you do not need in depth computer or programming skills for your webpage since there are various themes and formats offered by some CMS. The blogger only needs to focus on providing the right content to keep the readers engaged and glued to your blog. Whereas, a website is a bit more technical and difficult to start off with. You need to know at least the basics of programming as you won’t get the templates unlike blogs. You will have to design the whole structure and interlinks between pages which requires lots of work. However, this will provide you flexibility which you won’t find in blogs.

 10) Time taken to start off

If you compare a blog and a website with respect to the amount of time taken to build and launch them, the blog surely takes a lead! A blog is fairly easy to start off with since you do not need to wait that much for its designing and launch. The least you need is a unique idea and an eye-catching theme as a beginner and then you are all set to go! However, a website requires much more work, expertise and patience to meet the goals. It takes a whole lot of planning and research for the right navigations, number of pages, ideas, details and pictorial representations.

 11) Variety of pages

Different types of pages and navigations define a website and its responsiveness. When you open a website, you land on the main page and then you have a whole lot of options for browsing and checking feedbacks, testimonials, products and client catalogue before opting for a particular client. However, a blog doesn’t fulfill the purpose. You will always land up to a different set of posts with completely new information every other day. While with blogs, you have less number of page navigations and more content to go through.

12) Attracts traffic and makes money

The more you get the traffic, the more you are bound to make money online. By traffic, I mean, the number of viewers landing and clicking on your page. Since the blog’s content keeps on updating regularly, it gets more and more traffic. The readers hunting for newer content each day will surely look up the blogs to end their hunger. Whereas, the website do not attract viewers as the blogs do. They have fairly static content which gets fewer traffic and hence, fewer earnings.

13) Subscription via RSS feeds

Offering subscription via RSS feed is like providing door to door service to your readers. With the subscription option, you can directly deliver the latest content to your reader’s inbox. Almost all the blogs provide this option which also plays a big role in their huge success and acceptance. I would say, if anyone owns a blog and doesn’t offer RSS feeds then they surely are way behind the main league. However, the website cannot always provide such privileges since there isn’t much change in content.

 14) Self-employment

A blog provides great opportunities for self-employment. You can either create your own blog and become the only author and make money online or you may hire writers thereby providing them with a platform to showcase their talent and skills to make money by staying at home. Both ways, a blog will be beneficial for you whereas a website won’t be able to provide you with such benefits. Since the web content rarely changes, you don’t need writers regularly. Therefore, you can’t provide regular employment or earn money on a permanent basis from your website.

 15) Morning people

Bloggers are considered to be morning people as well their readers. Most of the blogs are being searched and read in the early hours of the day with a hot cup of tea or coffee. Instead of newspapers, young generation prefers reading articles from a wide variety of topics. On the other hand, the websites are focused more during business hours and serving a more professional cause. You cannot associate websites with your daily reading habit whereas a blog serves that purpose quite nicely.

Hopefully, by far, the key role and differences between a blog and a website must have been clear and well understood by anyone reading this post. Have a great day!

Stay blessed!

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