5 Ways to Earn Money Online by Making Jewelry

  SEM - 5 Ways to Earn Money Online by Making Jewelry

Since women in Pakistan are quite eager to excel in their lives, make money by selling clothes, jewelry, shoes and other accessories for their families and put in some contribution to their lifestyle, they are looking for ways to do so. Having some grave responsibilities over their shoulders, it is hard for them to leave their premises. They have a family and kids to look after, a home to take care, cooking, cleaning and a lot of other chores to complete therefore, it is near to impossible to step out. This is where we step in!

We bring you ways to make money online by sitting at home, right in your bedroom with just a laptop on your hand and a great idea in your mind to start off with. For ladies, with great sense of fashion and a blend of innovation and creativity, we are sharing ways to earn money online by making jewelry.

Let’s have a look!

1) Decide on which Jewelry to Sell

Before jumping into what everyone else is doing, you need to sit back and figure out what type of jewelry you should sell. You must inquire yourself about: What to sell? Would you sell homemade jewelry or something lavish? Would you be making jewelry for men or women or both? These are a few questions which must be considered the basic steps of starting an online business of selling jewelry.

SEM - which jewelry to sell

While there is so much to choose from but, for people in Pakistan, home-made jewelry is always a plus. Selling gold, silver or diamond won’t be a good step initially as people prefer visiting stores for such investments which is fair enough. We would suggest you to go for what is in demand around you and what suits your passion.

2) Do a Market Research

Once you have decided on what you would be selling, then do a market research and figure out the buying and selling rates and trends. Find out what others are looking for, what the market likes and what rates are they going to accept for it. This will help you in learning about the patterns in fluctuating prices and when you must hit the nail. The key point here is to be aware of the market trends and buy materials when the market is low and sell jewelry once it gets some improvement.

3) Figure out Payment methods

SEM - payment methods

Another important aspect to look into is regarding the mode of payment. For ladies sitting at home in Pakistan, there are various payment options. The most common being COD (Cash on Delivery), which is loved by almost every other person since you get the option of checking your order and paying after being satisfied. Other options being bank transfer, easy paisa or credit card are also safer ones. You can choose whatever is feasible for you since you are the boss here!

Then, gather all the materials you need for making jewelry at home and start working on it.

4) Make yourself a Brand

People these days are more aware of trustworthy sellers and can quickly figure out scammers so it is not easy to sell anything online. You need to build up trust, your name and good relations with your buyers in order to make yourself a brand. You will have to be patient and continue working for a few months before you start expecting any returns. Once you become a brand, there won’t be any hurdles for you and there will be a long way to go. Please note: by being a brand I mean being recognizable not being an over-rated big name.

5) Where to Sell Online

Targeting the right audience is the backbone of success in any online business. You must be well aware of your buyers and you must follow the right path to reach them. There are several places online where you could market yourself such as Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, OLX, Pinterest and various other more buying and selling websites. You can startup your own Facebook group or page or join the other buying and selling groups there. This is the most targeted method for selling jewelry online in Pakistan.  Or you can also startup your own jewelry website.

Hope this helps you in establishing your online jewelry selling business.

Stay blessed!

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