Top 6 Tips To Choose Effective Blogging Topics!

effective blog nameIt has been said that the decisions you take initially in a business, decides the profit throughout the life of the set up. When talk about blogging specifically, the first key to success is the niche you choose for your blog. We have been discussing the importance of an effective niche several times in our posts but the topic itself is significant enough for a standalone post. You need to understand that your blogging career totally lies on the subject you choose to blog on. However, it’s a pity that the fresh bloggers, overlooking the importance of niche, simply invest a great deal of money and their time and efforts in establishing a blog which hardly brings any good to them.

Lets discuss what you actually need to keep in mind while choosing niche to start a blog to make money with it.

1) Points to remember!

  • Whether the name is relevant to the blog.
  • Whether the name is catchy enough to attract the readers.
  • Whether there is a blog with a similar name.
  • Whether it depicts the essence of the blog.

2) What should you name your blog?

Naming your blog is one of the primary yet main tasks as a good name always gets attention. Instead of going for names that are unique and different, you should opt for short and sensible blog names. The readers won’t sit and memorize your blog name, it itself should be worth remembering!

3) Getting the right name for your blog

While naming your blog, you should be careful about one thing and that is the name should relate to your blog. Instead of going for uniqueness you should go for relevance. It should either be one word or a short phrase while is easy to search and brand.

4) Avoid common words – think of something new!

Do not use common words! Bring out something different from the common words and use them. Avoid cheesy words as they show lack of innovation and interest. For example: Techtricks, techtips and all such domain names are very generic which confuses people and makes your visitor land on some other’s sites. Go for synonyms instead!

5) Make it Easy – Avoid Difficult Words:

An attribute of good blog name is it should be easy to type, easy to remember or else you will miss out the fun of direct traffic. It is good if it gives an idea about the site niche. If not, then site tag line and logo can be used for branding and describing your blog.

easy words

6) Go for Universal language!

By following these tips on how to name your blog, you will surely get a classic name for your blog that is descriptive and concise. Remember to keep names in English since it is understood universally. In my suggestion, the best and creative blog names come across your mind when you are doing nothing and not thinking about it. Go for it!

So you see, choosing a right name for your blog, itself demands some creativity out of you. Once you decide to become a professional blogger, try to make your blog sound professional too.

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10 thoughts on “Top 6 Tips To Choose Effective Blogging Topics!”

  1. The title of the post should have been How to select your blog name instead. Otherwise a a good job done once again.

  2. Nida, when I first started blogging I refused to pick a niche. As time went by it seemed that I started to gravitate towards writing tutorials so I decided to stick with that. Now I spread my wings by using various publishing formats like video and podcasting as well at blogging. That seems to be working for me.

    • Hey Jereia, i m simply impressed by just what you said.
      its a good thing that it worked out for you. however, there are risks in starting a blog with no niche. 🙂
      hats off pal

  3. Hello there, just became alert to your blog through Google, and found that it’s really informative. I am going to watch out for brussels. I’ll appreciate if you continue this in future. Many people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

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