10 Companies That May Get Bankrupt In 2015

10 Companies That May Get Bankrupt‘There’s always a good time ‘must have got an equally opposite statement when it comes to think out of the fantasy box. When there is a good, there is always a bad or struggling time awaited for competitors of the time. Same is the case with the world’s biggest and most revenue generating companies. The annual income of the companies entirely depend upon the reputation, marketing strategy and satisfactory prices by the company. Some of the companies, by the end of the year 2014 are expected to get bankrupt in 2015. Ten of such companies are listed as below.

1. WBH Energy

1. WBH energy

The very first company on our list belongs to that group of oil and gas companies which is likely to go bankrupt in 2015. The reason is evident to see high and increasing crude prices for last six months all over the globe. The assets and liabilities of around $ 10 million are to be mentioned in the filing of bankruptcy.

2. Aeropostale Inc.


Aeropostale, one of the renowned companies for teen and young’s apparels and accessories is also at a risk to go bankrupt in the year 2015. It’s one of the chief reason is that it has no trend of adopting latest trends and fashions but keep following their own style just like watermark. It has got almost one third of its losses as compared to the previous records that is estimated to $12 million to $77 million.

3. Sears Holding Corporation

3.sears holding corp

The next name appearing on the list is another American multinational company Sears Holding Corporation. This company faced a negative operating cash flow of almost $2 billion in 2014. It is due to losing its ground to all the big retailers like Walmart Stores Inc. Target corp., amazon.com Inc. etc.

4. KiOR Inc.

4. kior inc.

Another oil and gas company KiOR is based in Houston and its main attribute is to turn biomass into renewable crude oil. This crude oil is further processed to gasoline, diesel and fuel to generate the revenue for company. But in the recent past time, it has not got its revenue up to the mark and files bankruptcy with listing $86 million in assets.

5. Bon-Ton Series Inc.

5. Bon-Ton inc

Bon-Ton series Incorporation is one of the big companies with a wide range of stores all over North America. Also, its online market is one of the sources to earn this company a good stake. Unfortunately, at the end of the year 2014, it has come to an annual loss of 45% of its overall revenue that makes it to lose $20 million in alone 2014.

6. New York & Co. Inc.

6. New YOrk and CO Inc.

The most popular American retailers of women clothing and accessories! Yes it is none other than New York & Co. on the list. In 2014, the overall sales of the company has decreased by 1.1% which can be estimated to $9.2 million. It is now struggling to remain in the market with the lost repute it had once but highly expected to go bankruptcy in 2015.

7. BlackBerry Ltd.

7. blackberry limited

The unfortunate and former giants in the field of IT, BlackBerry Limited has also got to come in the list of companies at a stake to go bankruptcy in 2015. It is quiet known that blackberry lost its boom after the iPhone and Droid entered the IT market with their amazing touch screens. Blackberry never turned their keypads to touch systems that took it to get down by 85 % in the last five years and already lost 10% in the beginning of 2015.

8. Time Warner Cable

8. time Warner Cable

Time warner being one of the most popular and renowned cable companies all over the world has come to a turning point. This is going to take the company to be bought by Comcast for $45.2 billion I the year 2015.

9. Allen Systems Group Inc.


Allen System Inc. is the first software developer company on the list and it is also likely to go to bankruptcy in 2015. On filing bankruptcy, it has listed the assets of $500 million and debt of more than $666 million.

10. Lululemon

for 0320 lululemon (simpson) lululemon

Lululemon Athletica Inc. is Canadian apparel company specializing in yoga based pants and other garments. It has been struggling to overcome the fight against Gap and Nike. The net income of the company has collapsed from $47 million to $19 million and the stock is 50% down from its peak which is a considerable enough loss to be in the queue of the companies to go bankrupt in 2015

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