Why You Should Not Apply for Thailand’s immigration

Thailand immigrationIn the recent past decades, the one Southeast Asian country that has come to be known as migration hub is none other than Thailand. The open economic strategies and facilities provided by Thailand immigration management made it attractive for the people interested to put their efforts on trial and set their fortunes to step on to the land of Thailand. The immigration trend started off with Chinese traders and laborers who arrived in Thailand during 18th and 19th centuries. Many migrators from neighboring countries suffering from general issues and deprived of basic necessities chose Thailand as a place to migrate.

The ongoing conflict and political instability in Myanmar has turned out to be one of the reasons of people crossing the borders of Thailand to seek shelter and get facilitated with their needs and necessities.

The reasons behind such increasing rate of immigration to Thailand are enormously great in number but for now and onwards, this is also a bitter reality that many migrants have entered Thailand illegally just to make the most of opportunities. This started creating a mess and harmed the rate of immigration to Thailand.

It is now suggested to avoid immigration for Thailand for a good many reasons. Some of them are mentioned below to convince those preparing to apply for immigration to Thailand.

– Government Policy regarding migration

Thailand Government’s policy in order to check and balance the records and rate of migration is not as efficient as required to be. You never know the difference between a legal and illegal migrant to Thailand from any other country.

– Deprivation from basic facilities

The migrants are not always equally treated as compared to the nationals. Although Thailand’s Labor Protection doesn’t allow this kind of unjust but it doesn’t actually come in practice. Migrant workers are not allowed to make unions, they are not able to get their full wages, sometimes also deprived of basic medical and health facilities. One should always remember these social rights which can be confiscated in Thailand.

– Registration of children migrants

There is a complicated and irritating process to get children enrolled for the migrants. You can either choose to take your children to Thailand and get into the complexities regarding registration or leave them behind.


HIV/AIDS has been one of the most important and unavoidable issues since US troops started coming to Thailand during Vietnam war. The sex industry of Thailand has been an attraction for US government to minimize public health issues.

– Inadequacy of information

Thailand’s trans border migration is either unavailable or limited which results in a condition of uncertainty among the migrants. The numbers provided by Immigration office of people entering the country is not accurate and does not include undocumented migration.

– Population increase

Another reason to not applying for Thailand’s immigration is its largely increasing population. The land hardly becomes able to accommodate its own people instead of looking for foreigners. In this regard, you can feel left out and ignored and your aim to destine to Thailand can be vanished.

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