TOP 10 Richest People of 2012 – and their Secrets!

rich people It is important to have some inspiration in life because its human nature that we want to become like what we the same time, all my readers on this blog intend to earn – and earn a lot. keeping this thought in mind, here, I present the top ten richest personalities of the world in 2012, key to successalong with their strategies to make al this possible for them.

lets have a look on the countdown!

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How to Shop Online in Pakistan without Using Paypal?

paypal boundedBusy schedules have given a rise to the online shopping schemes and now, the first priority is given to the e-commerce market these days. PayPal is the most widely used online international payment processor but unfortunately their services are not available to Pakistan.

money-transferIn my last post, I shared few tricks to have your own PayPal Account in Pakistan, but today, I have decided to let you know about some great alternatives of PayPal that can make your life easy in online transactions if you are living in Pakistan.

Although few international online markets do not accept any alternatives but keep their business dealings only with PayPal, you can still find these alternatives very useful in making you survive in most of the cases.

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Most Popular Fiverr Gigs in 2012!

FiverrFiverr is one of the world’s largest online marketplace where you can outsource or buy products and services for a small price of $5. It started off in 2010 as a micro-contracting platform. Since then, it has hosted more than 500,000 gigs (or jobs). In this article, we will talk about the top gis in 2012, and we will also discuss some ways in which you cam also make your gigs popular.

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Create and Use PayPal Account in Pakistan without getting banned in 2012

money onlineAround 75% of the online money transactions are now made by PayPal. PayPal is a great and widely used service throughout the world. But again, our Pakistan is deprived of this service just like other important services. At this stage, when e-commerce has become famous, with websites that accepts payment either via credit cards or PayPal. Few of you may question that when life is moving towards trouble-free and easy ways, why we don’t go for the alternatives. Alternatives are a good way to escape, but again they are ALTERNATIVES and do not work every time.

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Most Common Reasons Why You Fail Making Money Online

it will pay me nothingToday, anyone who is computer skilled and knows about blogging and other ways to earn money online wants to start his own set up too. According to the statistics, only 5% of them are able to make it. Now think about the rest of 95%. What are the reasons that make their efforts unproductive? Is it because they chose a wrong line to work on or because the luck is not favoring them? Well, it’s something beyond that!

Here are few reasons that stop you from making money Online:

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Top Online Money Making FRAUDS in Pakistan – 2012

Free Money

Pakistan is a Third World Country and Pakistanis are facing complications in every single way to earn their livings. The inflation rate in Pakistan was last reported at 10.1 percent in January of these situations, where unemployment climbs sky high rates, many people are looking for alternatives like money making online.

At the same time, it’s a fact that internet has opened new ways for its potential deservers to make dollars. Things like Blogging, advertisements, Google AdSense really work, as discussed in my post 8 best ways to make money from home in 2012.But, on the other hand, many people get themselves caught up in a web deceptions spun by scammers. According to study claims, Pakistan is on top of the list in cyber financial crimes.

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