Why Facbook Doesn’t Allow Posting of TSU.co Links?

Why Facbook Doesn’t Allow Posting of TSU.co LinksThere is always a margin of improvement when it comes to launching new technological or business ventures. The statement fits to the social media business market too. In fact, it has become the true picture of the real war between brand rivalries with a great number of platforms providing its users with best of the social media connecting tools and features.

Taking the honor of the top most social media network, with largest figure of members is hard to make accessible.

Social Media War

Kiev, Ukraine - February 2, 2013 - A hands holding rubiks cube with logotypes of well-known social media brands. Include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Vimeo, Flickr, Myspace, Tumblr, Livejournal, Foursquare and other logos.

It would not be any wrong if we call out the current competition between different social media networking websites a war. Coming to think of present time’s social media sites, the names that click the first thought are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, Linkedin and so on. But the grand launch of TSU.co in 2013 has sort of changed the statistics in this regard. It has entered the social media world with a boom that doesn’t seem look good to our very own Facebook group.

In the beginning, members of Tsu.co were able to share their tsu.co links on facebook with the friends and circles in the form of short code. But it is now that Facebook has changed its settings to block or censor any posts or links by Tsu.co pages. The latest tidings actually left people in a question that why Facebook would take such step? Is it a fear of being overcome by tsu?

Tsu.co With New Appealing Offer

2. tsu.co with new appealing offer

All of us already know that Tsu.co has got all amazing features that other social media websites provide to its members. It is quite similar to Facebook in a way that you post your content, share stuff, tagging images, videos and status updates. Same happens when considering Tsu.co but one incentive given by Tsu, that can not be ignored in any ways is that you get paid for your original content or whatever you share on your page. It makes you the owner of your content and you can easily earn by sharing, posting tagging etc. Makes a huge difference when it comes to compare facebook and Tsu.

Rapidly Increasing Number of members

rapid increase in members of tsu

As we have mentioned earlier that the credibility of a social media network is being judged by its number of members or followers. A noticeable and rapid increase in the number of active members of Tsu.co has become a thorn that Facebook just cant ingest. Tsu has reached 4 million people as its members and it has been increasing day by day. That’s obvious! Who doesn’t want to get paid for their stuff they post on their pages. This is one of the reasons that facebook can’t bear to share its opponent’s links on its pages.

TSU.co A Real Threat for Facebook?

4. tsu a real threat for facebook

The main reason behind banning Tsu.co pages’ links on Facebook seems to have a smell of fear and competitive envy by facebook. Why would it like to promote or market a venture that is already about to take over their position? Facebook continues to make it as stoppable as possible  but it should be ready to face bitter reality of Tsu.co replacing Facebbok!

So that was a quick review that have helped you about what is the noise all about! Please share your views about it.

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