Ten Amazing Facts about Robert Kiyosaki

Facts about robert kiyosakiWe have been lately sharing much about the great person to be known Robert Kiyosaki and here we are again with some amazing facts you might not know about Robert. Before that, in case you still not know who this great man is, here goes a brief introduction to him. Robert Kiyosaki is an American entrepreneur, stockholder, self-made writer, teacher, motivational lecturer, monetary activist, business commentator, and radio person.

He is the originator of the Rich Dad Company which is a remote financial schooling firm that delivers individual financial and business education to general public by books, videos, games, sessions, websites, training, and workshops. Some of the most interesting facts about him are as followed!

Work in merchant ships

After finishing his schooling, he began working on merchant ships, which permitted him to travel in different regions of the world. Such trips opened him to innovative philosophies and new conducts of life. Moreover, he got to learn about immoderations of poverty that people had to face around the world. These journeys left a deep influence on him.

Vietnam war

Vietnam war robert

During 1972, in the Vietnam War, he aided as an airplane gunship aviator in the Marine Corps. For his help in the area, he was bestowed with the Air Medal. After two years, he left the Marine Corps and relocated to New York.

T-shirt business

Near the start of the 1980s period, he started a business of certified T-shirts for heavy metal rock bands like Motley Crue.

Business in stock and real estate

 Business in stock and real estate

Throughout the successful era of his second project, he financed cash in stock and shares and real estate business. Though, as time passed and trade failed, his obligations to banks also amplified. In order to reimburse the money, he was left bankrupt and poor.

Business seminars

Business seminars robert kitosaki

He started working as a motivational lecturer for a personal development session business called Money and You. It was a three-day session that generally focused on instructing students about the works of Buckminster Fuller.

Silver and gold mines

In year 2002 he bought silver coalfield in South America and took a gold colliery public in China. In his manuscript Conspiracy of the Rich, he has stated that he means to take a copper coalfield in public as soon as the copper value and worth increase.

Gold bug

Even as a teen, Robert Kiyosaki functioned with gold and silver currencies. He called himself a gold bug because he had numerous merchandises like silver and gold.

His books

 His books

His initial three books had been number one on the top 10 lists of best sellers on The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and the New York Times. It was the accomplishment of these volumes that pushed him more to stay with the series which today encompasses 15 books

TV appearance

In 2010, he acted at The Alex Jones Show where he exposed his possessions containing big apartment multiplexes, guesthouses and golf courses. He is also the leader and stockholder of oil drilling processes as well as oil shafts and even a startup astral corporation.

Financial advices

10. Financial advices

Over many years, he has given business guidance on a number of TV news channels like CNBC, Fox Business, and Bloomberg.

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