Why Tayyip Erdogan is a popular Muslim Leader?

Erdogan popular leaderThe recent protests and military disobeyance made Turkey even a more firm and focused country, thanks to the President Tayyip Erdagon. Tayyip has had been admired not by the nation only, but by the mass audience all over the world for his phenomenal policies and action plans. Througout his reign from 2003, when Erdagon’s party got a fluent victory and he became the new Prime minister of the country, he ensured to facilitate the lives of common people the best way possible. He continued to be on this post till 2014, when he won the elections and was elected as the President of Turkey.

Having been known so much about him, here is a small piece of research that states why Tayyip Erdogan is a popular Muslim Leader. Have a look!

Reshaping the Image of Turkey

It is really significant for a leader to make sure that the overall persona of hisnation should be a respectable one and Erdogan succeeded really well in doing that to Turkey. It would not be wrong to say that Turkey was the country of doner kebabs, belly dancers, military coups and spiralling inflation for West. It was a nation that was rejected by the West despite desperately trying to be part of it and rejecting the East because ofits reminder of an Empire long gone.

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However, during the reign of Erdogan in last 10 years, he has managed to pull off a remarkable transformation of the reputation of Turkey and the Turks both in the East and the West. It is now well respected as much for its economic development as the moral leadership it provides in the Islamic world. Today, Turkey sits near the top of the world stage as a voice to be reckoned with, a force in the world rather than a page in the history books.

A huge benefit to the economy of Turkey

Erdogan has played a viral role in reducing the inflation from 65% to 6%, increasing the education budget 5 fold, repaying the lMF debt and making Turkey into one of the world’s leading tourist destinations. It is during his time that there has been seen an outstanding lack of corruption. This has surely made him as the popular Muslim leader, giving him an edge over the other ones in the same domain.

The Basic Needs and lmproved Lifestyles for Turks

For any country to have contempt nationals and residents, it is important to provide them with the basic necessities of life. Turkey’s financial success is hard to overstate with many Turks who have adequate education, healthcare and social mobility within reach for the first time in generations.

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Being the leader and behaving like a leader to Muslim Countries

Keeping the history of the Middle east and subcontinent of Muslims, Turkey was the leader of the Muslim world. However, that relationship broke down spectacularly. In the last ten years, this has changed. When Muslims feel themselves abandoned in a tough situation, one of the few Muslim leaders who can be relied on to give moral support is Erdogan. Below shared are some of the major contributions of Turkey to the Muslim World in times of need to the Muslims where Turkey played its role dealing with:

  • The Bangladeshi scholars who are on death row on politically motivated charges,
  • The Rohingya refugees who were visited by the Turkish Foreign Minister and Erdogan’s wife,
  • The Palestinians who he has pledged to support when others shun them,
  • The Egyptians, Tunisians and Libyans who Erdogan was one of the first Muslim leaders to speak up for,
  • The Syrian refugees who find safe haven in Turkey thanks to Erdogan taking a brave and quick stand against his former strategic ally,

Erdogan, for his great devoted policies for Muslims and the muslim world, has won the admiration of many and is for sure the most popular muslim leader across the world.


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