Things That Bengalis Love About Pakistan

What Bengalis love about PakistanIts not only about Pakistan’s critical relation with its neighbor country India but when it comes to Bangladesh, the history is no different. The liberation war can never be forgotten by both Pakistani and Bengali nations. But there are certain things that both countries admire about each other. It wont be right to say that people of Bangladesh truly love Pakistan and have no negative or hateful sentiment for Pakistanis. The dark historic chapter that became the fate of these countries has a large impact on it. But there are still following things which Bengalis want to like about Pakistan.


 education of Pakistan

Bangladesh has got a first class system of education in the recent past years. The quality of education at all stages is one of the main concern of Bengalis on public and government level. They also admire Pakistani educational organizations and system of education. In many of the exchange programs, we can find Bengalis coming to Pakistan to have an experience of Pakistan’s education.


 Fashion of Pakistan

Fashion industry of Pakistan has grown to a large extent in the recent past years. It has become an eye-catcher for not only people of Pakistan but it has got an international fame. Bangladesh is also among those countries which praise and admire the fashion and style sense of Pakistan whether it is clothing, hair styling, costume designing or make over.


Culture of pakistan

Since Bengalis and Pakistanis have once shared a common country to live and share everything including culture, lives, food, living styles, Bengalis still respect and praise culture of Pakistan. They find it way too similar to theirs. Their living styles, building and housing structures, clothing, social and economic dealings all resemble. Islam also binds both the nations to have love for each other for Bangladesh is also a Muslim majority country.


 Industries of pakistan

Pakistan and Bangladesh come closer when it comes to industrial relationship on international level. Textile industry is the major industry for both the countries and make a business bond between both nations. The textile import and export between Pakistan and Bangladesh comprises of public’s choice for both countries’ garment products.


Music of Pakistan

Pakistan’s music industry has now become an international fame and its conventional genres including classical, Sufi and folk music catch the attention of people out there. Bengali music itself is way too melodious and this nation promotes music as one of the finest arts. Therefore, Bengali’s love for Pakistani music is beyond limitation of borders. United Pakistan has given some big names in music industry which include Roona Laila, Munni Begum, Alamgir and many more.



Bengalis have both negative and positive sentiments for Pakistan’s biggest city Karachi. As we are talking about what people of Bangladesh like about Pakistan, so the city and the culture of Karachi has been an attraction for Bengalis for its nature of keeping people of all the races and groups and its mixed culture. In fact, there is a large number of Bengalis living in Karachi because of its closely similar way of living, food, culture and upbringing.

Northern Areas

  Northern areas of pakistan

Northern areas of Pakistan are undoubtedly the firm asset of Pakistan. When it comes to beauty and calmness of the nature, places like Kashmir, kaghan, Naraan, Gilgit Baltistaan, Hunza and other related areas of Pakistan can not be beaten. Bengalis being preachers of natural beauty, come to these places or at least admire them and have a will to visit them at least once in a life time.

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