How To Be Smart About Spending on Black Friday

best way to spend on black fridayBlack Friday used to be an all-day event. Getting up in the middle night to shop or camping out in front stores and malls, people rushing in at the break of dawn, clawing, kicking and screaming to get one more box of cookies. Whether you called it madness or normality, that’s (mostly) behind us now. With the rise of technology and more recently, the outbreak of Covid 19, shopping has moved largely to the online sector and Black Friday sales are now a week-long event leading up to the big day.

It can seem a bit overwhelming online, especially for newbies and the less technologically savvy among us. If that describes you, keep reading for some insights on how to make the most of the deals.

Don’t be fooled 

While Black Friday used to be an America-only “holiday” of sorts, celebrated the day after Thanksgiving, it has now become an international sensation that most companies around the world capitalize on. And by this, I mean, manipulate pricing, or try and move stock that isn’t selling.

It’s a classic advertising technique: hike up the price of a product a few weeks before Black Friday, then offer supposed discounts that are really just the original price, or better yet offer a small discount on old stock to have it gone as quickly as possible, all the while making you feel like you nabbed yourself a great deal. Just because it’s on special, doesn’t mean it’s a bargain, or even really discounted. 

Everyone will be looking to save as much as possible on Black Friday 2021, specifically tech junkies, who are used to paying high prices for their high-tech treats. Researching pricing and quality before the day to make sure you know what you should be paying, is the best thing you can do. Brands will do their best to manipulate you, so be prepared with an arsenal of information to help you save time and money.

It’s all online 

While online shopping is nothing new, the Covid 19 outbreak truly strengthened its place on Black Friday sales market, and this trend isn’t going anywhere. Just because you’re shopping from home doesn’t mean you get to relax and browse leisurely – there’s a whole mass of people out there who want the same items you do. Adding items to your wish list or cart ahead of time and accessing the websites as early as possible can be the deciding factor in whether you get those items or not! 

While some may thrive on the adrenalin rush of physically going to store and fighting for their product (I’m talking to you, Karen), staying safely at home is often the preferred shopping method these days. You’ll still need to be sharper and quicker than your adversaries though, and the way to do that is by browsing your favorite retailers ahead of time, carefully selecting what you actually want and deciding what you’re prepared to spend for it. 

If at first you don’t succeed, try again

You may miss out on a certain item you were after during the Black Friday sales, but often you’ll get a second chance on Cyber Monday, the modern continuation to Black Friday, which started in 2005. The main difference lies in the fact that Cyber Monday deals are online only, while Black Friday offers in-store shopping as well. If you’re willing to wait, or missed out on something over the weekend, the Monday deals could be your lifesaver, and they may be even more discounted. Of course, in this case, you risk the stock running out and missing your chance completely. 

Once again, keep an eye on items you like or want, adding them to your wish list or basket. Websites usually show when stock is running low on an item (though to be fair, this is often another sales tactic, so take it with a pinch of Salt) this allows you to monitor and decide when to pull the trigger. 

Plan ahead, always. 

Most importantly, deciding if a product is really something you want or need, as opposed to buying simply because it’s cheaper right now, is the ultimate question to ask yourself. Planning your Black Friday shopping in advance is the only real way to know if a product is a worth buying, and whether you really want it at all. 

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  1. Always plan ahead of time and stick to it. That is why shopping on the internet is preferable since you will stick to your shopping list. In-store impulsive purchases are considerably easier to make. The most crucial step is to create a budget and a strategy. Otherwise, you’ll overpay, buy the stuff you don’t need, and forget to check things off your list. Excellent advice.


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