Top Ten Richest Women in Iran in 2017

Richest women in iran Iranian women are no longer behind when it comes to being a businesswoman or an entrepreneur. Most of these women are founder and co-founders of multinational companies and are achieving their goals to the fullest in today’s life. The top ten richest women in Iran in are as mentioned below.

Anousheh Ansari (Net worth: 750 million dollars)


Anousheh is an Iranian based American engineer and chairwoman of Prodea Systems. Her former occupational activities are serving as a CEO of Telecom Technologies, Inc. She was also the fourth self sponsored space itinerant, and the first self-financed lady to flutter to the International Space Station. Parisa Tabriz (Net worth: 50 million dollars) Parisa Tabriz is currently working for Google as the self-proclaimed, Security Princess. She is also the head of the squad and is majorly in charge for Chrome Security. She joined the entre team of Google just after few months of her graduation.

Shahrzad Rafati (Net worth: 47 million dollars)

shahrzad-rafati richest

Shahrzad is the initiator of BroadbandTV Corp, a digital broadcasting corporation that runs the biggest multi-platform set-up in the world. Shahrzad is credited with founding both the technology and commercial archetype that made harmony among massive showbiz entities like NBA.

Sahar Hashemi (Net worth: 35 million dollars)

sahar-hashemi richest iran woman

Sahar is best acknowledged as co-creator of the coffee chain called Coffee Republic and confection brand called Skinny Candy. She is a steady speaker and crucial lecturer on themes such as revolution and entrepreneurship. She has spoken to viewers at occasions organized by LinkedIn and Microsoft.

Roxanne Varza (Net worth: 10 million dollars)


Roxanne Varza presently leads the Microsoft’s startup undertakings that happen in France, consecutively working for both Bizspark and Microsoft projects and programs. Roxanne is trilingual, an epilepsy campaigner, and embraces gradations from UCLA and the London School of Economics.

Soraya Darabi (Net worth: 10 million dollars)

soraya-darabi of iran

Soraya Darabi is the co-creator of Zady which is a mission obsessed content and marketing trademark defined best as the food for fashion. She generates and vends fashionable, enduring, viable attires and tells the story behind the making of every piece, down to its resources.

Cyma Zarghami (Net worth: 8 million dollars)

cyma-zarghami richest iran

Cyma Zarghami is an Iranian American cable TV manager who is presently working as the head of Family Group, Viacom Media Networks Kids and Nickelodeon. Zarghami was also bestowed with the reward of Women in Cable Telecommunications’ Woman of the Year in 2006.

Lilly Ghalichi (Net worth: 2.5 million dollars)


Lilly Ghalichi is a very well recognized Iranian American fashion designer, ramp model, lawyer, blogger and reality TV show star. Lilly Ghalichi has recently launched her line of lewd bikinis that is encouraged by underclothing brand called Have Faith Swimgerie.

Negin Mirsalehi (Net worth: 1 million dollars)


She is a famous Iranian model. She is also a blogger who primarily established major responsiveness towards herself through her Instagram account, which has about 3.5 million followers. She then made her own private fashion blog which is a dynasty to all of her style and lifestyle flavors.

Soheila Pirmoradian (Net worth: 1 million dollars)


The female Iranian entrepreneur, Soheila Pirmoradian, represents the competency of Iranian ladies who receive a rich inheritance and antique civilization. Soheila is among selectees who will be privileged with EBC*L Women Entrepreneur Awards, in a ceremonial planned to be held in Paris soon.

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