A Closer Look At Muhammad Ali’s Net Worth

Net worth of Muhammad AliJune 3, 2016 came as one of the most saddening day when the entire world faced the death of the boxing icon Muhammad Ali. He was not only popular for being the most amazing and charismatic boxer but also made him the world’s unprecedented athlete. His influential thoughts have now become quotes for youth to get motivated to achieve their goals. His death has brought the entire world a huge loss not only as an athlete but a cultural icon and a social activist as well. Lets get a closer look at life and net worth of Muhammad Ali the great.

Life History

He was born on January 17, 1942 in Louisville , Kentucky, USA and was given the name Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. This Olympic star had started off with his boxing training at the age of 12 and gave a trial at the age of 18 in 1960 summer Olympics in Rome when he won light heavyweight gold medal. His being converting to Islam afterwards is an entire chapter in the life history. The victories couldn’t resist coming to his way then after and he also won WBC and WBA heavyweight championships. From 1960 to 1963, Ali made a record of 19-0 with 15 wins that too by the knockouts. His greatest victory was beating his trainer Archie Moor in 1962.

Muhammad Ali life

Ali’s personal and professional life both went parallel and happening at the same time. He got married for four times and had an affair with Veronica Porche, the famous actress of hat time whom he lately got married. He has seven daughters and two sons. One of his daughters Laila followed his footsteps in opting a profession in boxing.

Net Worth of Muhammad Ali

Ali got the entitlement of ‘The Greatest’ which not only earned him renown but also a massive fortune for his skills and uncountable victories. His net worth has been estimated to $80 million as of year 2012, which he earned from his lifetime fights and other endorsements.

One of the closest friends of Muhammad Ali, Shanahan, who also wrote a biography on the great boxer has mentioned a lot about what Ali thought regarding making and using money. He once told the media:

“He always loved money, he also had disregard for money. He always wanted to make it but he always wanted to give it away. His goal was to make money so he could give it away. He was always concerned about poor people and starving children.”

The biggest payday for ali came to be in october 1980 in Las Vegas when he had a fight with Holmes (considered as the second last fight of his career) and he pocketed an $8 million for this.

In 1975, it was the final bout with Frazier in Philippines which earned him a $6 million. He defeated Foreman in “the Rumble in the Jungle’ for earning the winning money of $5.45.

His endorsements also made him earn a huge part of his net worth which includes companies like Adidas, EA, Toyota, Mr. Porter and many other brands. He used to earn $4 million to $7 million per year from these endorsements between 2001 and 2005.

In 2015, Muhammad Ali made a deal with Under Armour for a clothing line ‘Lifestyle Apparel’.it came to the market in the end of the year 2015. It is said that Muhammad Ali’s daughter Laila has now got a net worth of $10 million.

If we look at the achievements and the thrills which Muhammad Ali came to his life, whether it’s a social, professional or personal matter, it is worth it. His huge net worth indicates the lifetime efforts and struggle of a heroic athlete that the world ever got.

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