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Bussinesmen in AfghanistanAfghanistan is one of those unfortunate countries that suffered a lot due to the ongoing war against terrorism in the world. After those 9/11 attacks, it became a crucial place to live in and to set one’s roots. But if we look at the courage and business expertise of this nation, it didn’t take a long time to rebuild and reconstruct its position in regard with business and other development sectors. Today, Afghanistan is making all the possible efforts in all sectors especially in business and inviting many foreign countries to startup their business on the land of Afghanistan. What makes Afghanistan still a reliable country to start a business is these big and popular names that appear to be the best businessmen of Afghanistan.

Zamari  Kamgar

zamari-kamgar businessmen of asfganistan

Zamari Kamgar is one of the most popular names when it comes to the business scenario in Afghanistan. He is the founder and CEO of Kam Air Airlines in Kabul, which is the first privately owned passenger airline. He also serves as the adviser of ACCI (Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industries) and one of the richest people in Afghanistan.

Najeeb Zarab

Najeeb Zarab, the owner of Najeeb Zarab Limited, makes to be on the list of the popular businessmen of Afghanistan with his company reaching a remarkable spot in the market for its goods. His company masters in producing reliable goods including cosmetics, soaps, medicines, shampoos, lotions and vehicle tires.

Ehsan Bayat

 ehsan bayat businessmenEhsan Bayaat has served his efforts to provide Afghanistan with the best telecommunication services by the name TSI. It is now that TSI owns Afghan Wireless, the biggest mobile phone company in Afghanistan. He also made Ariana Radio and TV network and also work for charity through his Bayat Foundation.

Habib Gulzar

 Habib Gulzar afghanistan

Habib Gulzar is one of the oldest business name keeping its basis in Afghanistan since 1940. His company was the first to introduce Coca Cola in Middle East. His company has got three divisions including Beverages, automobiles and FMCG.

Fahim Hashimy

 Fahim Hashhimy afghanisatan

Fahim Hashemy is a young Afghan businessman and entrepreneur and he is gaining popularity for his business empire, the Hashimy Group. Under this name, he owns one of the Afghanistan’s TV station, construction companies and airlines.

Karim Khoja

KArim Khoja

One of the most experienced man in telecommunications, Karim Khoja, with his company Roshan Telecom takes the next spot on the list. Roshan telecom with over 6 million active subscribers is Afghanistan’s leading telecom company.

 Habibullah Karimi

 habibullah-karimi businessmen

Habibullah Karimi has brought the business related to agriculture to Afghanistan. He has been quite successful in making it go smooth and profitable. He is the co-founder of Barakat Inc. and imports and exports agriculture equipment.

Haji Momin Khan

 Haji Momin Khan afghanistan

Haji Momin Khan is famous for his hard work to rebuild the old and broke Momin Oil Industry. He utilized his business skills and gave the company a high reputation and made it a successful Oil Industry in Afghanistan.

Abdul Rahim Safi

Abdul rahim safi

Not only a popular businessman of Afghanistan but one of the wealthiest people of Afghanistan, Abdul Rahim Safi, is the next name we have. Safi Group of companies and Safi Airways are the big names owned by this man.

Hamed Minhaj

amed Minhaj bussinesmen

Hamed Minhaj, the name behind very famous Hamed Baba Limited is the last but definitely not the least on our list. His company acquires expertise in trading, automotive, construction, beverages and oil refinery industries.

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