Top 10 Sportsmen who Make Most Money In Advertisement

sportsmen making money from advertismentsThe new world marketing strategy demands a company to spend a lot of money on sponsoring celebrities and the big names of the world. Celebrities can be athletes from all over the world or actors, singers and artists. The brand endorsement trends have been established due to the fact that public gets crazy for these celebrities. Here are ten sportsmen who make most of their earnings out of these endorsement and advertisement deals.

Rafael Nadal

Raafael NAdal advertisment

Who doesn’t know the name of world’s most famous tennis star Rafael Nadal? The Spanish player has got everything to be on the list with his total earnings equaling to $44.5 million as of year 2016. Of this huge amount, $30 million is generated through his endorsements and advertisement deals with different brands. His biggest sponsor is none other than Nike and other brands include Babolat, Atlantico, Poker Stars, Richard Mille and a few others.

Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson adertisment

With an amazing record of 50 tournament wins, the US golf player Phil Mickelson is the next athlete on our list. His total earnings of 2016 have been estimated to $53.2 million by Forbes. Only $5.2 million of this huge fortune comes from his salary and winnings. The remaining $48 million is the result of his popular endorsement deals with Barclay’s, Callaway, KPMG, Rolex and others.

Roger Federer

Roger FedererAnother great name from tennis, coming from Switzerland is none other than Roger Federer. With a total earning per year of $56.2 million, Roger Federer becomes the most highly paid tennis player. His long term endorsement and commercial deals make him earn $52 million of his total earning in a year. His brands mainly include Nike, Credit Suisse and Rolex. He recently signed a contract with Moet & Chandon.

Tiger Woods

tiger woods adertsimentTiger Woods is another fame from the world of Golf. The 38 years old US player has made his name so big that big brands can not resist making him their ambassador. His total earnings on an annual basis is $61.2 million. The figure has been escalated through his contract with EA that generated $800 million in 2013. The other major brand that he is associated with is Nike.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is also a name that needs no introduction. He is an icon in basketball with his incredible skills and dodging techniques. His yearly earnings have been estimated to $61.5 million. His earnings other than his salary and winning achievements is his endorsement contracts with companies including Lenovo, Nike, Hublot and Turkish air.

Lionel Messi

 Lionel Messi advertisements

Lionel Messi has already become the eye catcher for many soccer fans and has got a huge fan following. His talent and game is without any doubt worth it. What it is worth more than this is a great fortune that he makes out of this. His earnings are estimated to be $64.7 million. His brand endorsements include Adidas and Turkish Airlines.

Rory McIlroy

Rory Mcilroy

Rory Mcilroy’s name on the list proves that golf is the sport of riches. He is a big name from UK and his yearly earnings have been estimated to be $46.2 million out of which $35 million comes from his endorsements. His biggest sponsor is Nike and other companies include Omega, Bose and Upper Deck.

LeBron James

 LeBron James sportsmen

LeBron James, the king of Basketball has been found on the list for being 3rd highest paid athlete of the world. This US player has got a total earnings of $72.3 million and $53 million out of this figure comes from endorsement deals which include McDonalds, Nike, Coca-Cola and Upper Deck.

Cristiano Ronaldo

 Cristiano ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, a name that is being praised by soccer fans. Undoubtedly, a great player like him deserves to earn a remarkable fortune. His total earnings per year make to be $80 million. The endorsement deals with Tag Heuer and Nike get him earn $28 million of his total earnings.

Michael Jordon

 Michael Jordon advertisements

Last but not the least is the legendary basketball player Michael Jordon who has been earning from endorsements and advertisements since long ago. Now that he has been retired as a sportsman, he still makes to be the highest paid athlete being an ambassador of Nike with a net worth of $750 million.


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